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Book Review - Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances by Sue Watson - Blog Tour

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Title: Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances
Author: Sue Watson
Format reviewed:  Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 12th October 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Escape to Devon for blustery walks along the beach, hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and proof that miracles really do happen, especially at Christmas. 

A year after she separated from her husband, Gianni, on Christmas Day, Chloe’s heart is still in pieces as she unpacks the decorations for her first ever festive holiday alone. That is, until the phone rings…

It seems Gianni’s new seaside restaurant is in trouble and Chloe must go to Appledore to save the business – and him. Equally famous for his experimental culinary extravaganzas and his explosive temper, Gianni has been really stirring up a sensation with the locals – and not in a good way! 

As pans fly and the temperature in the kitchen rises, Chloe’s calming influence and magic touch might just get critics back on side in time to save the restaurant from sinking like a sad souffl√©. But will it be enough to save their marriage? 

Chloe came to Appledore in search of her Christmas sparkle, but when the snow clears, will she finally find the way back to her husband’s heart?

I'm impressed this has all the fun of  Sue Watson book, but it also has a lot of heart to it, and its a lovely story of second chances, and the book predominately focuses on two characters, from one point of view, which means you get to know Chloe and Gianni incredibly well. 

It is the story of Christmases' past and present, for Chloe and her soon to be ex-husband, with a moveable timeline taking in how they got together, the early years they had as a couple, all manner of highs and lows in their lives bringing us up to date with the previous Christmas where they separated, and now onto this year. 

Gianni is fantastic, he is an explosive Italian Chef with a god complex, who is magnificently good at alienating staff, customers, critics and anyone else that gets in his way. He it trying to set up a new restaurant in Appledore, Devon and is going about it the wrong way. Cue Chloe being brought in to try and help out her husband's ailing business. 

When I say Gianni has a god complex I mean his previous restaurant had no name, as he expected people to just know they wanted to come because he was the chef, and this new one he is wanting there to be no menu and he reckons people will eat what he tells them to!  Add in some rather creative language especially when swearing (no real swear words as such), and most of what he says could be reminiscent of Gordon Ramsey with an Italian accent! 

I felt incredibly sorry for Chloe throughout the book, she has not had the easiest of times being married to Gianni, but yet she doesn't want to see him fail either.  It is Chloe that tries to get the locals on side starting in a rather familiar ice-cream shop. 

For this is the third book set in Appledore and like the others can be read completely as a standalone, especially as the main focus of this book is Italian food and not Ice-cream!  

Speaking of food, yet another book by Sue Watson that has had my stomach rumbling throughout, apart from when offal is mentioned!  I love the various descriptions of both Gianni's Italian cooking roots, and also his rather more modern pretentious cooking style! 

I am really hoping this isn't the last book in Appledore, as I love the setting, and this particular book was superb. It was a fabulous mix of food, Christmas, Italian temperament, second chances, heartache, an obsessive "Trekkie" and some hilarious conversational exchanges.  I found I really got to know our main characters, and was rooting for them continually. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Bookouture for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Author Bio:

Sue Watson was a journalist then a TV Producer at the BBC until she realised that instead of working, she could stay at home, make stuff up and sell it! 

So far Sue's written ten books, and some have been translated into Italian and Portuguese (she's big in Brazil!) Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire where her days are spent baking (and eating) lots of cake, while making big life decisions about whether to have Caramel Chew Chew or Salted Caramel ice cream while watching 'The Biggest Loser USA,' on TV. 

Author Social Media Links:
Instagram: suewatsonbooks

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