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Guest Post - Kristina Beck on Germany - Bookish World Cup - Germany

Germany is known for several things but some of the top, fun ones are World Cup soccer champion, Octoberfest, Black Forest, Castles, Mercedes, BMW, the autobahn and Riesling wine.

I live in the southwest tip of Germany, where it meets the borders of Switzerland and France. This region of the country is called Margraves’ Land, also called the Tuscany of Germany. It’s known for its sunny warm temperatures. It’s a dream for wine lovers, biking, hiking and skiing.

My house stands at the border of the Black Forest and is surrounded by rolling hills of vineyards. Everyday feels like a vacation and the view is breathtaking.

The white wine in Germany is not only Riesling. That is what I thought when I first moved here, fourteen years ago. I was used to the California wines and the only German wine I was aware of was Riesling. Most German white wine isn’t made in wooden barrels. If wooden barrels are used it is for a very short amount of time but not found everywhere.

I used to think white wine bottles with a screw cap were cheap wines. One day I asked an owner of a vineyard why most white wine made here are in bottles with screw caps. I come to find out it isn’t because they are cheap wines. It is because it’s not necessary to use a cork when most white wines are not aged for a long period of time. Those who are, will have a cork. So don’t judge a white wine by its cap. 😊

As the years have gone by, I don’t enjoy white wine made in oak barrels as much as I used to. My taste has adapted to the wine here. As I have also adapted to other things. It was culture shock when I first moved here from the USA. Now that I’ve been here for years, I have culture shock when I visit my family back in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I’m so used to the relaxed environment I live in that it takes me a couple days to get back into the hustle and bustle in New Jersey.

Germany is counting down the days until the next World Cup starts in June. The national team is training ferociously to win again. It’s hard to believe four years have already gone by. Unfortunately, some of the best players are injured and won’t be able to play. But Germany is confident our team will kick some butt.

I have published two books in my contemporary romance Collide Series, Lives Collide and Dreams Collide. They can be read as standalones and are available on Amazon. Dreams Collide touches a little bit about where I live. I decided to add a sexy German chef into the story. I was able to incorporate a few of my own personal experiences. I loved writing this story and enjoyed adding some humor to it.

If you ever want to visit a European country, please add Germany to your list. It’s a gorgeous country with never ending things to do and see.

Thank you so much Kristina for this great look at Germany.  Given this is the last day of the feature and thus the World Cup Final day, as a huge England fan I have to say I really hope that Germany isn't in the final...and good luck to whoever the relative underdog is today! 

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