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Book Review - How To Bake a New Beginning by Lucy Knott

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Title: How To Bake A New Beginning
Author: Lucy Knott
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 9th September 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

​Three sisters. One trip to Italy. The chance to change their lives.
Amanda has always taken the role of big sister seriously. She has her life in order; a fantastic job in a great restaurant, a wonderful house and a best friend who’s a Rockstar. But, Amanda’s beginning to realise that her life is missing one monumental piece…

Sabrina is living the high life in LA. Her Instagram is full of lavish parties, her tweets are brimming with celebrity names, but in reality she’s stuck behind a desk working for a boss who is determined to make her suffer. Is it time for her to stand up and take charge of her life?

Louisa has always been drowned out by her sister’s successes. As the university drop-out she’s always felt third best. But a chance encounter in a little Italian village may be about to change that…

When their beloved grandfather passes away these sisters are forced to take another look at their lives. These three sisters are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery that could just lead them down a road of romance (with a little help from the kitchen)!

Perfect for fans of Jenny Oliver, Carole Mathews and Lucy Diamond.

This is an accomplished debut from an incredibly promising author, and had the book been set to a backdrop of sunshine I would be  saying its a fabulous poolside / summery read. 

For I was reading this during the August heatwave, and what my eagle eyes had failed to spot was the line on the cover saying "Three sister. One Christmas. A whole lot of pastries". which may have given me a clue that this was a wintery title - and I am feeling rather miffed that I have accidentally broken my own vow not to start reading Christmas books until September this year. 

For those of you who now me, I am a massive fan of a Christmas book, but yet this despite what I have just said above is not even a typical Christmas book - I certainly don't feel festive - although it is set in winter and around Christmas.  

What I have said about isn't meant to be negative despite it potentially coming across that way - what I'm trying to say rather long windedly is this book defied expectations of both a book featuring Christmas and of one featuring pastries! 

Now those pastries, and food wow was I getting hungry reading this book, and each chapter even starts with a delicious sounding recipe, and Amanda is an accomplished chef in her own right but she favours her grandparent's recipes.  She would love to run her own restaurant if only she was brave enough. 

Meanwhile we meet Sabrina who is living LA and managing a top ban, but  things aren't as great as them seem, while younger sister Louisa is unfulfilled in her job.  The catalyst for change in all of the sisters lives is a rather emotional event that tugged my heartstrings, but on the back of it the action was transported to a small Italian village not far from the Amalfi Coast. 

Where the book was appealing before this is where it came alive, as  I'm always a fan of stories set in Italy and the descriptions of this village and this coastline in winter, was described really well and I could picture it all so clearly. 

The food descriptions were tasty and the three men for the sisters (well it is a romance) are all to die for, incredibly handsome and all seemed just too good to be true - and I couldn't work out which ones I was rooting for more! 

This is an enjoyable book of sisters, family and learning to be true to yourself and that bad life events can be turned into huge positives if you look for the silver lining.  I am definitely eager to see what this author is going to write next. 

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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