Thursday 25 May 2017

Book Review - Right Here Waiting For You by Rebecca Pugh

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Title:  Right Here Waiting For You
Author: Rebecca Pugh
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 31st May 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

We used to be best friends…
Magda used to be the girl everyone wanted to be – most likely to achieve her every wish. That is until suddenly her perfect life seems to be anything but!

Sophia has never regretted her life, sure it isn’t perfect, but being a single mum to a daughter she loves is pretty great. Perhaps she never moved away from home, or got to live out her dreams, but what she has right now isn’t so bad.

That is until an invitation to their school reunion arrives, throwing both their lives into a spin – because these two used to be friends and it might finally be time to face up to that one big mistake that happened all those years ago…

One of the best opening paragraphs I've read for ages. It sets up the first chapter brilliantly, and just wasn't what I would have expected going into the story. 

I just wish this book was longer. The entire time I was reading it, I was conscious of how fast the percentage bar was going up, and really didn't want it to end. I would love to know what happens next to the characters and I did feel the ending felt a bit rushed. 

I whizzed through the story, and alway like books that are nice and fast to read.  It is the story of Magda and Sophia, who as children were best friends, until their friendship was torn apart. The viewpoint alternates between the two of them, so we can see just how differently their lives have turned out. 

The book builds initially towards a school reunion, and both ladies agonise whether to go, much less if they even want to see the other.  And then the aftermath of it. 

I really enjoyed Sofia's present day storyline, her little girl Esther seems very sweet and I loved their friendship with Michael and Harry.  Whereas Magda is a bit harder to like and sympathise with, but it was once she returned to her home town, and I understood what she had left behind that I started to like her a lot more. 

This is the third of Rebecca Pugh's books that I have read, and it feels quite a bit different to the others. The writing style is still a pleasure to read, and I enjoyed the story. I think it could be the writing feels a bit more established, and it is quite intense how much focus the two main characters have, to the extent that there aren't that many others featured at all, and when they are I wouldn't say I knew that that well. 

Right Here Waiting For You is a story of friendships and relationships. I loved the flashbacks to Magda and Sophia as teenagers to discover more about them that way. This is a solidly good book that I loved spending my time reading. 

Thank you so much to HQ Digital and Netgalley for this copy that I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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