Monday 1 May 2017

My top picks of the May Madness Sale 2017

Back by popular demand...well one person asked me if I was going to do a picks from this sale! These are my top picks from the May Madness sale. Looks like a relatively small sale, so I'm hoping I can find a few books to tempt you with! 

There are around 177 books in the sale, so I'll do the hunting for you! Of course if you want a browse for yourself, the sale can be found here

Take advantage at these prices as they won't last forever! 

Please note the sale ends on 29th May 2017, so if you are reading this after that date, then please double check the price, before you purchase, and since I am in England, this is the UK Amazon Spring Sale, other regions may have different sales, and definitely different prices!

Top Picks That I Have Reviewed

The Truth About This Charming Man by Peter Jones - 99p - 4.5 Star Review
Once Upon a Winter by Tilly Tennant - 99p - 4.5 Star Review
Then. Now. Always by Isabelle Broom - 99p - 4 Star Review
The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern - £1,49 - 4 Star Review

Top picks that I own and am looking forward to reading (eventually, when I ever find the time to!)

One Summer by Roisin Meaney - 99p - I have so many unread books by this author its almost embarrassing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the couple I have read by her though! 
L'Auberge: Fogas Chronicles 1 by Julia Stagg - 99p - Well at some point I suspect I'll end up doing a France feature at which point I will make sure to read this! 
The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke - £1,49 - I've enjoyed the previous books I've read by Lucy Clarke and this one sounds equally gripping, with a fab location
Poppy Day by Amanda Prowse - £1,59 - As I came to this author late, I have fair amount of her back catalogue sitting waiting for me, so am really looking forward to reading this when I can. 

Books I read before I started blogging but really want to highlight at great reads (just don't ask me specifics as my memory isn't fabulous!)

The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry - 99p - I recall really enjoying this story so much that I bought the sequel when it was published a few years ago. Please will someone tell me to read the sequel! 
Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn by Tilly Tennant - 99p - This was the first book I read by Tilly Tennant, and given I have loved and enjoyed many more since, I must have really enjoyed this one. 
The School Run by Sophie King - 99p - Suspect this was the first book I ever read by Sophie King and adored every second of it. 
Just Desserts by Sue Welfare - 99p - Enjoyable story by an author I tend to enjoy. Off The Record is also in this sale. 

I definitely feel as though I have enjoyed other sales more than this one, but there are definitely some good books to be found if you take a look. There were a few others that caught my eye, but I just can't quite justify including them. 

Have you succumbed to anything from the May Madness sale?

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