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Guest Post - Why I chose my Lucie Wheeler - Blog Tour

Normally I would do a post talking about the hero in my book and why I chose him. However, The First Time Mums’ Club is a little different because the focus isn’t necessarily on the relationship between hero and heroine, but really, the focus is on the wonderful friendship circle that the girls have at the mums’ club. 

Anyone who knows me, or follows me, will know that I value my friends immensely. They play a huge part in my life and always will. I have some fantastic groups of friends and I wanted to recreate that bond with Mums’ Club. I wanted these characters to have the friendship bonds that I have. So Ellie, Pippa, Imogen and Zoe were born. 

Ellie was born first in my mind, but actually, her name was Pippa at the beginning! And Jason was called Dominic. But these names didn’t fit as I began to really create the characters and then when I created Pippa, she instantly deserved the name and I had to start all over again with naming Ellie. Then subsequently, Chris was created. Imogen and Alice were next to be born. Their characters were always in my mind, right from the word go. I knew I wanted a same sex relationship in the book as representing real life is an important aspect of writing to me. I pioneer equality and celebrate uniting everyone together, so it was only right that this couple played a pivotal role in the story. I’ll tell you a secret, their relationship is my favourite in the book too, I love how beautiful their connection is and I hope I portrayed this well in the story. Zoe was always kind of in the background as I created Ellie but she was one of the last characters to be fully drawn in my mind. Saying this, she is the glue that holds the group together. I would really like to explore her personal story one day.

When looking at the relationship side of the story, I wanted a real mix of situations to explore. All the situations I put my characters in will develop their character and help shape who they are. Pippa is portrayed as a weak character to begin with, letting Jason treat her badly and not standing up for herself. This changes but I won’t spoil things and tell you how – you’ll have to read it to find out! As I have said, Imogen and Alice’s relationship was important for me to include and I wanted this relationship to be strong, loving and beautiful. It isn’t without its hurdles, but again, real life isn’t perfect and so no character or relationship should be. And finally Ellie and Chris. What an amazing relationship to write. They have SO many things in the way but there is almost this invisible force driving them into each others lives, time and time again. I had a lot of fun writing their story. 

I really love books that have a real mix of characters, and hopefully, I have done that for you all with The First Time Mums’ Club. 

Thank you so much Lucie for talking about your characters today.

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Meet Pippa…

After years of trying and a failed IVF attempt, Pippa is thrilled to see two little lines appear on a pregnancy test. Finally a precious baby to call her own. This is all Pippa has ever wanted…if only husband Jason could show just a little excitement.


A baby is the icing on the cake for Imogen and Alice – proof that their love for each other can overcome any obstacle. But when Imogen starts receiving malicious texts, it's clear that not everyone is thrilled about the girls' good news.

And Ellie…

A drunken one-night stand and Ellie's life is ruined! Pregnant, jobless and the relationship with her best friend, Chris, over- forever. Because Chris just happens to be the father of Ellie's baby…and potentially the love of her life!

For these first time mums the road to motherhood is bumpier than most!

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