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Book Review - Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood

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Title: Big Sexy Love
Author: Kirsty Greenwood
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: 29th June 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Olive Brewster is living a small, safe life. She’s happy enough with her job at the local market, it’s no big deal that doesn't have boyfriend, she even likes that she still lives in her childhood home. No drama and no fuss means no problems! And that's just how she likes it.

Except … Olive's best friend in the world​, Birdie, is dying.

Birdie has one final wish. She wants to track down her first love, her epic once in a lifetime love, her "Big Sexy Love", Chuck. And because she's stuck in the hospital she needs Olive's help to do it. But there’s a teeny problem: Chuck is somewhere in New York and Olive has never even left her home town, let alone roamed the crazy streets of Manhattan!

As if the big city isn't scary enough, Olive has to contend with Seth, a cocky comedy TV writer who thinks she’s a joke; Anders, a bored socialite who’s taken a shine to her; and the fact that no matter how hard she tries to track down Chuck, he does not seem to want to be found.

Can Olive learn to overcome her fears, abandon her old safe routine and fulfil her best friend’s dying wish?  It's going to take extra bravery, one badass attitude and a whole lot of Big Sexy Love to make it happen …

I can't work out whether I'm supposed to laugh or cry, as I have definitely been doing both, while reading this utterly fabulous book. In some respects its bittersweet, and in others its one of the funniest books I've read this year. What I can definitely say is that I was completely hooked on the story and almost missed my stop on the tube while reading, and that was during the first 20%!!!

I've not really read anything quite like this before, and it definitely is another gem from this immensely talented author. 

Olive is such a engaging character, she has barely experienced anything life has to offer, is scared of water and planes, has only ever left her home county once, is even scared of the thought of being in love, or anything along those lines. 

However Olive is Birdie's best friend, and Birdie is unfortunately terminally ill, so when her dying wish is for Olive to go to New York to track down Chuck Allen, her Big Sexy Love, Olive has to say yes despite being terrified. 

Even from the start with Olive in an airport, on her first ever plane, despite not really understanding her fears for myself, I was laughing at the situations she was getting into. There is a very memorably scene early on from the journey to New York that was hilarious. 

But the fun didn't stop there, every situation, every other page practically was filled with Olive doing stuff so far out of her comfort zone, I wasn't sure whether to laugh, applaud, cheer for her, all the while being aware that Birdie isn't in a great way. 

Each chapter starts with either some text messages to/from Olive, her browser history, to do lists etc which give great insights into her current frame of mind, while she is on her New York adventure.  

I absolutely loved the variety of people she met on her journey, from the obnoxious American queue jumper in the airport, to the slightly weird man she drinks with pre-flight, to the creepy hairdresser billionaire, plus the people that start referring to her and hunting her down on social media, in a sub plot of craziness that I adored. 

This is easily one of my favourite books that I have read this summer, its a great feel good read that will have you in stitches but also tears.  My only recommendation is don't read this on public transport unless you don't care where you end up, as tearing yourself away for a second to get off a bus or train, is close to impossible. 

Kirsty Greenwood has clearly done it again, in producing a masterpiece of comedic genius, wacky adventures and some surprisingly serious moments too.  This is a must read for romantic comedy fans, and I just hope this eventually makes it to the big screen as its the sort of film I'd enjoy watching over and over too! 

Thank you so much to Kirsty Greenwood for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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