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Book Review - A Castle in Cornwall by Laura Briggs

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Title: A Castle in Cornwall
Author: Laura Briggs
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Self published 
Publication Date: 12th July 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Just when everything is finally perfect for Julianne, a sudden request has her helpless in the face of giving up the life she loves most. The only thing distracting her from the future is her current assignment: a secret royal wedding at a southern Cornish castle, where Lord William's cousin needs all the available help she can find to ensure its success.

Now Julianne and the rest of Cliffs House's staff — including special guests Pippa and Dinah — are helping bring together a English royal cousin and a European prince for their special day ... only Julianne finds herself drawn into the event more deeply than she intended when she becomes the accidental confident of the bride-to-be's secret dilemma.

Will Julianne's advice save a royal wedding from disaster? Or will her personal life — and the dilemma she and Matt are facing at the end of the summer — stand in the way of happily-ever-after?

If I wasn't aware of book 7 in this series about to be published, I would be saying that this is a fabulous conclusion to the series. If feels like a lot of the loose ends from the previous books have been tied up, and even the message to the reader at the start of the book implies that the next one will feel a bit different. 

In fact already A Castle in Cornwall had a slightly different feel to it, partly as it wasn't really set at Cliff House, but in a castle elsewhere in Cornwall, and features far too much of a royal wedding, and a cast of characters involved in that, that I really didn't care for. 

I was far more interested in Julianne and Kitty's character and story development, than the main event being planned. In fact I found I was loving Kitty's sections a lot, even if the play her community theatre group was putting on, really wasn't to my taste. 

This is another good novella in the series, and although I wasn't keen on the characters involved in planning the royal wedding, I did start to like the bride and Julianne's interactions, especially when Julianne stumbles across something she isn't meant to know.  

As a fan of the series it was great to see Dinah and Pippa both return to help out  with this wedding, as well as seeing all the recurring characters. We also have the first introduction to the new chef at Cliffs House, and I wonder just where he will fit into future books. 

This was not my favourite book in the series, but it still adds to the series, and draws some series story arcs to a more rounded finish. 

Thank you to Laura Briggs for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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