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Graphic Novel Extracts - Preceded by Chaos Vol +1 by M. Wheeler - Blog Tour

The Preceded by Chaos series is a series of five illustrated short stories, which follow a young emergency medicine physician who is having troubles adjusting to his new life. Volume 0 is available now. The 2nd, and current release, is Volume +1.

The books are written as an internal narrative with occasional interactions between Mitchell, the main character, and the outside world. Volume +1 has more interaction and dialogue than the Volume 0 but still maintains the feel of an introspective dialogue running in Mitchells mind as he makes his attempt to understand, and gain control of, his life. 

This is an excerpt from VOl. +1. In the series we slowly learn that Mitchell has more problems than he is of aware of but he is certainly is trying to get his life in order. This scene was used to address the current state of some of his issues from the first book as well as make the reader aware of some of Mitchell’s present worries.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and give the books a chance.

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I can’t sleep. I keep staring at the ceiling and thinking about her. My girlfriend DeAnna and I are in the middle of a break-up. She wants more from me: she wants marriage, she wants kids. She gets frustrated with me because I’m not proposing. She wants more from herself: she wants more schooling, she wants to start a business. She gets frustrated with me because I don’t support her enough. I just want her to be happy and I don’t know how to make it happen. We spent the
majority of last night arguing about whether or not marriage is the answer. She hates that I’m so pragmatic. She knows the divorce rate is 50% in this country, largely because I’ve told her countless times. She told me her parents have been happily married for 35 years. The word ‘happily’ echoed through my mind. I looked unconvinced. I told her, “An ideal marriage is a statistical aberration”. She looked unimpressed with my lack of confidence in the strength of our relationship. Man, I wish I could sleep. 1am and I’ve got work in the morning. If only piece of mind was as dependable as heartbreak during a lover’s quarrel I would be eternally well rested. I usually would just get up, take a Xanax and go get a drink. Nothing summons the sandman like an alcohol and benzo cocktail. But, unfortunately, I don’t do that anymore. Maybe if I fall asleep I can dream about the liquor and drugs.
Maybe I’ll drift off into La La Land only to be snatched back to reality choking from a nightmare of being drowned again. The liquors gone, but that’s still with me. Every position I lie in feels uncomfortable. And just when I get sleepy I gotta piss and my walk to the water closet only creates another opportunity for my mind to turn to DeAnna. I refuse to think about her anymore and stop counting the dots in the ceiling. After 45 minutes I drift off.

Buzz! Buzz!

My phone… Shit! Maybe it’s her. I roll over to grab my cell and read the message.

The protagonist, Mitchell Weaver, is a young Emergency Medicine doctor. Mitchell has entered a high stress, distinguished profession with the burden of a variety of particularly disturbing personal demons that he must battle every day in order to maintain the facade of sanity and control. The second instalment of the series, Volume +1, documents Mitchell's state of mind as he tries his hand at decency and sobriety. Whether he finds himself at his job in New York or volunteering in the Dominican Republic, he struggles to suppress hedonistic urges and restructure awed philosophies. Although his attempts to gain control of his life are genuine, the question remains, "Is Mitchell gradually gaining control or is his life slowly falling apart."

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About M. Wheeler

M. Wheeler held an eclectic series of jobs - including working as a studio engineer and a teacher - before he entered medical school in his thirties. During his residency while living in New York City, he wrote his first two books which would eventually become the Preceded by Chaos series. Wheeler travels extensively for his job but currently lives in Miami.

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