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Book Review - Breaking All The Rules by Rachael Richey

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Title: Breaking All The Rules
Author: Rachael Richey
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc
Publication Date: 5th May 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Kate is getting married in a month. Richard, her fiancĂ©, is a lawyer: rich, successful, and very good-looking. She’s definitely in love with him. No doubt about that. 

So when Sam, a good friend and her high school crush, returns after eight years of traveling, she doesn’t care. After all, he never actually asked her out, and then he went traveling without her, contrary to their plans. She only agrees to go to dinner with him in order to hear all his news, so why doesn’t she tell him she’s getting married? And is he still bothered by the tragedy eight years ago? 

Sometimes life just gets too complicated, and Kate finds she keeps having Very Bad Ideas, which lead to even more complications. Just three days before her wedding, she finds herself in a situation that demands the biggest decision of her life.

Kate is absolutely playing with fire, in under a month she is due to marry Richard, and then Sam comes back into her life after 8 years, and suddenly Kate's brain has turned to mush. 

Instead of being 100% convinced Richard is the man of her dreams she starts realising everything that has ever niggled her about him, and she even agrees to go to dinner with Sam, which is the start of a very slippery slope. 

The entire way through I really wasn't sure which way Kate's heart would go, but I will say that by the end I was almost crying at the anguish that Kate is in, as she has to decide whose heart she needs to break - Richards, her own or Sam's. 

Despite thinking that Kate is making some rather wrong decisions,  I kind of liked her, and really enjoyed seeing her dilemma (which is perhaps a bit mean of me). I loved her conversations with Jenny her best friend, and yet I also found myself really warming to Sam, although whether that is because Richard really didn't sound that great is another thing. 

I really enjoyed reading Breaking All The Rules, it is definitely funny in places, and was quite entertaining. There were a few hidden secrets which added a bit of flavour to a few of the characters, and I just found this to be a lovely way to escape my life for a few hours, while I was absorbed with Kate's problems instead. 

If you enjoy books where the main character seems deeply unhappy and some of it is entirely of her own making, and seeing them agonize over decisions which to a reader seem really obvious then you will absolutely adore Breaking All The Rules. 

Thank you to Rachael Richey for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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