Friday, 8 September 2017

Introducing Author M L Roberts, and her debut psychological thriller The Wife…

M L Roberts writes chilling dramas and psychological thrillers that explore the darker side of family life, love and friendship. But, who exactly is she? Well, it’s me, Michelle Betham, writing under a pen name. Because I’ve taken yet another change in writing direction, and this new series I’m writing for Harper Impulse, it’s very, very different to anything I’ve written before. But when the fabulous Charlotte Ledger at Harper Impulse put this idea forward, I knew instantly that I wanted to do this. I HAD to do this!

The Wife is a dark, psychological thriller, a story told from the perspective of Ellie Travers – successful businesswoman, happily married to English professor Michael, on the outside the perfect couple. They have everything, or so it seems. But it soon becomes clear that something happened; an event that changed their lives, and suddenly everything isn’t quite so perfect after all. If it ever was…
To be honest, as much as I love reading psychological thrillers, I wasn’t sure I could write one. There are so many great authors out there, I had no idea if I could tackle that particular genre. But I’m not one to shirk a challenge, and the second I started writing The Wife, I was instantly drawn to that style of story-telling. It’s no secret that, even when I write romance, I always stray towards the darker side. So to be given permission to go as dark as I like, that was like a dream come true. The chance to do something different, to write in a different way, to tell a very different kind of story… I have a lot to thank the amazing Harper Impulse for. Sometimes we authors need a bit of a shake-up, and this was mine.

The Wife will be released, initially, as a four-part serial. Each book will be around 80/100 pages long and books 1-3 WILL end in cliffhangers. Be warned!

Releasing a psychological thriller in this way is a risk, and it’s yet to be seen how readers will react to the format, but when I was writing it – because I had to write each part separately, this is not just a complete book split into four parts, it’s being written and edited one part at a time – I tackled each installment as though I was writing an episode of a four-part TV drama. It made everything so much easier to think of it that way, and that’s how I’m hoping readers will think of it as they read Ellie’s story – they might be slightly irritated that they’re left hanging like that, but at the same time they can’t wait to find out what happens next. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway!

However, for those who don’t want to have to wait for each new part to be released, The Wife is also coming out as a complete ebook and paperback next March.

So, author M L Roberts is officially out there now. And Ellie’s story is about to begin…

Thank you so much for this tantalising insight into The Wife. I am already looking forward to getting hold of a complete book. 

Book Blurb

For fans of TV shows Doctor Foster and The Affair. A chilling new four-part series…
 Michael and Ellie are that couple.
The ones who have it all.
Success, charm, trust…but no relationship is perfect and the events of the past cast a shadow over their charmed life together.
When lecturer Michael starts to mentor a new student, Ellie fears that history is repeating itself. As paranoia takes its ugly hold, it’s clear some things just can’t be forgotten…or forgiven…

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