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Book Review - Christmas at Black Cherry Retreat by Angela Britnell

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Title: Christmas at Black Cherry Retreat
Author: Angela Britnell
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: 3rd December 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

What if you had nowhere to call home for Christmas? 
When Fee Winter books a winter break at the remote Black Cherry Retreat in the small town of Pine Ridge, Tennessee, it’s with the idea that the peace and quiet will help her recuperate from her hectic life as a photographer.

But what she didn’t bank on was meeting Tom Chambers and his huge, interfering yet lovable family. With them, could Fee finally experience the warmth and support that’s been missing from her own life – and maybe even find a place to call home in time for Christmas?

Oh I do love a Southern American drawl on a sexy man in a book, and Tom Chambers has that and the typical good manners too in spades.  I warmed to him almost instantly. 

Fee on the other hand although I felt for her, I really was unsure about her at the start, but as the book progresses and she starts to open up, she really grew on me and I loved her by the end. 

Neither character has had an easy run of things recently and both have something major in common, but apart from that they are as different as chalk and cheese. But yet there is definitely an attraction between them, which is rather obvious quite early on. 

I absolutely loved the setting of the Black Cherry Retreat and of the town of Pine Ridge which appears to be run by the Chambers family - there are so many of them, and they are like a community in their own right.  What a range of personalities, but its clear they all look out for one another, even if they can be a bit on the nosy  / gossipy side! 

The location was perfect, and so so pretty,  I loved every aspect of it - well apart from the lack of wifi as that would have driven me mad!  Quite a few of the family are in law enforcement, which did lead to a couple of rather dramatic scenes. 

However its not just drama driving this book, its good characterisation, lovely writing and a great emphasis on relationships both family and romantic.  There is an adorable child,  great sorrow in the past and a few moments that had a happy tear glisten in my eye. 

Please don't be put off by Christmas in the title - this can easily be read throughout the year, the Christmas element is really rather small - I would say Autumn would be more apt as it takes in from Halloween, and Thanksgiving too.  Which is a shame as I was hoping for a greater festive feeling. 

All in all I did really enjoy this book,  I always seem to love the heroes this author writes, and Tom is incredibly easy to fall for.  An incredibly pleasant story, that kept me entertained while I was reading. 

Thank you to Choc Lit for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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