Monday, 31 December 2018

I'm back from two weeks in Mexico... so what did I read?

What a wonderful holiday I've just had.  Turned out to be just what I needed,  I have had two weeks of pure relaxation, with a couple of excursions, and a lot of reading.

I have seen Santa dancing, Santa arriving at the hotel by Parasail.  I have been to the Rhythms of the Night show which was magnificent. I have been Whale and Dolphin watching, and even on a yachting trip where they brought a couple of sea-lions onto the boat.

Around the pool my favourite thing to do was to sit on the submerged sunbeds and read, for which I'm thankful my kindle is waterproof.

However after two weeks of beautiful sunsets, clear blue skies,  wonderful warmth and sun, I appear to be back to reality. 

Over the course of the fortnight, I have also managed to read 33 books.  Don't ask me how, I mean I went on excursions, I watched the show each night, I talked to people etc... and still appear to have read a record number of books for a holiday. 

Some of these I purposely selected to read, and some where when I couldn't decide which next, I with my eyes shut, scrolled back and forth on my review collection, and then randomly selected one and stabbed my finger on the kindle before opening my eyes to see what loaded.   Each time I was delighted with the choice. 

I am hoping going forward into 2019, to instead of regularly reading by publication day, to read a lot more with random selections, in order to hopefully read a mix of backlog and newer books.  And if the book isn't out yet, I will make sure to schedule the review for a suitable date.  What this means is going forward I may not post quite as often, in part as I just don't have as much time, and they won't always be the newest newest books, but rather a mix, most likely still of my review stack!

I'm sure you are though curious what I read - well here is the list of what I read in order, plus the dates where the reviews are scheduled and will appear here.   Really hope you like this selection and will join me on the correct dates for each review.  Will tag them #HolidayReading Mexico - as I have another holiday coming up in 2 months time, and some of the reviews for that could appear before some of these!!

#1 - While I Was Sleeping by Dani Atkins - 18th January
#2 - Mavis and Dot by Angela Petch  - 21st January
#3 - If We're Not Married By Thirty by Anna Bell - 25th January
#4 - What Happens In France by Carol Wyer - 28th January
#5 - Martinis and Memories by A. L. Michael - 1st February
#6 - The Greek Escape by Karen Swan - 4th February
#7 - Toxic Justice by M. A. Comley - 17th January
#8 - The Secrets You Hide by Kate Helm - 7th February

#9 - The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer - 20th March
#10 - The Royal Runaway by Lindsay Emory - 8th February
#11 - Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella - 11th February
#12 - The Little Book Cafe by Georgia Hill - 15th February
#13 - The Sisters by Kate Forster - 18th February
#14 - The Memory by Lucy Dawson - 15th March
#15 - Island In The Sun by Janice Horton - 4th January
#16 - The Cornish Village School - Second Chances by Kitty Wilson - 18th March

#17 - A Greek Affair by Linn B Halton - 11th March
#18 - Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews - 21st February 
#19 - Four by Andy Jones - 15th May
#20 - The Bridal Party by J. G. Murray - 12th March
#21 - A Year at Castle Court by Holly Hepburn - 22nd March
#22 - The House of Birds and Butterflies by Cressida McLaughlin - 25th March
#23 - The Girl in the Corner by Amanda Prowse - 29th March
#24 - The Great Ex-Scape by Jo Watson - 24th January

#25 - The Valentines by Holly Smale - 6th February
#26 - The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan
- no review written, was my Christmas day read!! 
#27 - Love Heart Lane by Christie Barlow - 19th March
#28 - Friend of the Family by Tasmina Perry - 14th May
#29 - The Little Unicorn Gift Shop by Kellie Hailes - 1st April
#30 - Reader I Married Me by Sophie Tanner - 16th January
#31 - Love in the City by the Sea by Lilac Mills - 5th April
#32 - The Last Thing She Told Me by Linda Green - 13th March
#33 - The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory - 8th April


  1. oh wow that's tons! We had a December holiday this year it was fabulous (Miami) but I only managed 3 books (we were out and about a lot)

  2. Wow! That is seriously impressive. I don't think I manage that number of books in a two-year period, never mind a two-year holiday! I'm in awe x


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