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Book Review - No One Cancels Christmas by Zara Stoneley

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Title: No One Cancels Christmas
Author: Zara Stoneley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 19th October 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

It’s the most magical time of the year, and for travel agent Sarah it’s also the busiest! But this year one man threatens to ruin Christmas for Sarah’s customers – Mr Grinch, Will Armstrong.

The Shooting Star Mountain resort is a magical place, and Sarah has fond memories of Christmas here as a little girl – visits to Father Christmas, husky rides in the snow and hot chocolate by a roaring fire. But as the resorts new owner, Will refuses to play snowball or to deck the halls with anything remotely resembling tinsel!

With customers complaining their Christmas is ruined, Sarah decides it’s up to her to convince Scroogey Will just how magical Christmas can be….

But getting Will into the Christmas spirit is hopeless – he is Bah Humbug personified! But as Sarah gets to know him better, she realises that underneath all the gloom is a man struggling with a pain of his own.

With the big day approaching, Sarah realises that the magic and sparkle can wait. This year, she’s going to spend Christmas day with someone special her very own Mr Scrooge…

This is a book that has something for everyone - winter landscapes, snowmobiles, a flirtatious man, a grumpy man, a mountain resort needing some Christmas cheer, a feisty woman who is determined to turn the resort around, a familiar face, and just a fabulous story set in the run up to Christmas. 

So the winter landscapes, well the book is predominately set in Canada at the Shooting Star Mountain resort. There is snow as far as the eye can see, I definitely felt cold reading this, but has beautiful scenery too and I could really picture it all. 

Turns out snowmobiles to play quite a big part in the story, and its due to one of them that the circumstances of one of my favourite scenes in the book occurred.  Plus the descriptions of the speed, and how it feels to ride one were really amusing. Also really enjoyed the scenes featuring the dog sledding, and Sarah learning to snowboard! 

The flirtatious man is younger brother Ed and one of the brothers running the resort. He is though rather work shy and is only happy when flirting with women, or out on the slops.  Watching him attempt to get out of doing that resembles hard work is really amusing. 

Whereas the grumpy, scrooge like man is Will, the older brother and he has his reasons for acting like he does.  We first come across him responding to some of Sarah's rather stroppy emails and you get a glimpse of his real personality shining through. 

I loved every moment spent at the Shooting Star Mountain Resort and enjoyed seeing its transformation as Sarah, our feisty female tries to boss the brothers about and bring it back to its former glory. Sarah had spent one rather memorable Christmas there as a child and is determined that the place can be as special as it once was. 

If you are  fan of Zara Stoneley then like me you may be please to see a familiar face in Sam, who works alongside Sarah. Sam was the lead in A Wedding Date, so it was lovely to catch up with her.  

From the first few pages this is a book that had me smiling, and racing through the pages in pure enjoyment.  Certainly one of the authors best books and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Impulse for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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