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Book Review - Costa Del Churros by Isabella May

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Title: Costa del Churros
Author: Isabella May
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Ebook 
Publisher: Crooked Cat Books
Publication Date: 19th September 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

The rain in Spain doesn't mainly fall on the plain…

Brits abroad Belinda, Julia, Laura and Georgina need more than the sweetness of churros with chocolate dipping sauce to save them from their unsavoury states of affairs.

Cue Carmen Maria Abril de la Fuente Ferrera, the town's flamboyant flamenco teacher! But can she really be the answer to their prayers?

One thing's for sure: the Costa del Sol will never be the same again.

I think I may just have a craving for Churros after reading this, although I have less desire to go live on the Costa Del Sol, having seen what life is like there, warts and all. 

The story centres around the lives of 4 women, who on meeting them for the first time I wasn't really sure how much I would like the book as they didn't seem that relateable too. 

However as the story progressed all four of them grew on me significantly especially after we find out what really made them all tick, and what they are struggling with in their lives, for none of them are living the dream that it appears they may be. 

It takes a flamenco class run by Carmen to cement the ladies friendships and with Carmen's interesting take on flamenco lessons, they all learn a whole lot more besides.  I'm not a huge fan of flamenco, so was loving the way it was portrayed in this book - more to do with the philosophies behind it, than too much of the specifics.  For Carmen is a rather different sort of instructor, but fabulous with it. 

You definitely get a good glimpse at the life of an ex-pat in the Costas,  at the privilege or not that people live in.   What I would say is appearances can really be deceiving, but I did grow to enjoy all elements of this book. 

In fact I read it in two sittings, and when I wasn't reading I was thinking about the characters.   This was for me  a bit of a slow burner, but once I was used to the characters, I found myself whizzing through the pages completely gripped in the various storylines. 

This is the first book I have read by it certainly won't be my last, I have the others already on my kindle waiting to be read.  I really did enjoy Costa del Churros and think that if you enjoy books with multiple view points, many characters and their families, excellent writing and storytelling then this is definitely a book worth considering. 

Thank you to Isabella May for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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