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Book Review - The Tanglewood Tea Shop by Lilac Mills

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Title: The Tanglewood Tea Shop
Author: Lilac Mills
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Canelo
Publication Date: 31st January 2019
Rating: 4 Stars

Patisserie-Chef Stevie is stuck in a rut. Her beloved Great Aunt Peggy has passed away, she’s been fired from her job and the love of her life has walked out the door. But when she’s called to the solicitor’s office to hear the reading of Peggy’s will, Stevie’s life begins to change.

Left with a large amount of money, Stevie is determined to take Peggy’s advice and turn her life around. The quirky tea shop that she sees up for sale in the beautiful village of Tanglewood must be a sign, and Stevie can’t wait to make it her new home.

But what happens after your dreams come true? It turns out that life in the village isn't as idyllic as it may have seemed. With local mums waging war against sugar, a tea shop and its patisserie-chef owner are definitely not welcome.

When the gorgeous but grouchy local stable-owner, Nick, shows up he seems like just another fly in the pastry batter but as the two grow closer, Stevie realises he might just be the perfect reason to stay and win over the village...

This laugh-out-loud romantic comedy is perfect for fans of Daisy James, Holly Martin and Portia Macintosh.

I love these sorts of books - give me a small town community, a tea shop (or other sort of shop), a couple of hunky men, some new friends,  and a bit of drama, and for you have a wonderful comfort read. 

There was something so familiar about this book, despite never having read it before and i felt right at home, and loved how Stevie suddenly had the means to move away from her frankly horrific family, and buy a teashop in a gorgeous village. 

When I say familiar, perhaps I really mean warm and cosy, and I loved how the story panned out. There did seem to be some large jumps in time between chapters, but once you came to almost expect that time was moving forward a few weeks at a time, it was absolutely fine, as that way we were able to get to know Stevie a lot better, and see how she starts to become a part of the Tanglewood community. 

As much as I loved Stevie, I had real soft spots for Tia, who is the sister of Nick who may or may not fancy Stevie, and ha been going through a tough time, and Betty who really comes into her own during the second half of the book. 

I really enjoyed getting to know the residents of Tanglewood, and would be incredibly happy to return there in a future book.  

This is anther highly enjoyable book from Lilac Mills. It seems as though she is very talented at writing, just the sorts of book that I love! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Canelo for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily, 

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