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Book Review - As Weekends Go by Jan Brigden

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Title: As Weekends Go
Author: Jan Brigden
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: 4th December 2015
Rating: 3.5 Stars

What if your entire life changed in the space of a weekend? 
When Rebecca’s friend Abi convinces her to get away from it all at the fabulous Hawksley Manor hotel in York, it seems too good to be true. Pampering and relaxation is just what Rebecca needs to distract herself from the creeping suspicion that her husband, Greg, is hiding something from her. 

She never imagined that by the end of the weekend she would have dined with celebrities or danced the night away in exclusive clubs. Nor could she have predicted she would meet famous footballer, Alex Heath, or that he would be the one to show her that she deserved so much more … 

But no matter how amazing a weekend is, it’s always back to reality come Monday morning – isn’t it? 

For the most part I really enjoyed As Weekends Go, however I felt it sort of dragged out a bit, and although the lovely ending did go some way to improving my overall feelings about the book, I just couldn't quite get past the bits that I wasn't so keen on. 

Rebecca's whole marriage to Greg is my main issue. I really hated Greg, and how he treats Rebecca, and also found I was getting frustrated with Rebecca to not have the balls to stand up to Greg and to try to fix her life. 

The first half of the book, I loved. The trip to Hawksley Manor Hotel, and seeing what Rebecca and Abi got up to, and the descriptions of this magnificent, and luxurious hotel were great. I had a great time imagining myself that I was there with them. While they were staying in York, we also got to see what Greg and Nick were up  to. 

Greg as I have already mentioned is a nasty piece of work, and we learn very early on, some of what is causing him to act the way he currently is. But yet we only have the author's word through Rebecca, that he ever had a nicer side. I never saw any evidence of it, which in some respects made him feel slightly one dimensional to me. 

Nick is on a stag weekend in Spain, and is having a great time reliving his youth and drinking plenty.  Meanwhile back in York, Rebecca stumbles into top footballer Alex, and you can see there is an instant connection there. 

All the scenes between Alex and Rebecca I loved, and I was really rooting for that to go somewhere, or for us to have seen a lot more of Alex than after the weekend is over. 

It is amazing how one weekend can change  five lives, forever, in different ways. However after the focus on the weekend away, I just felt that the rest of the book was lacking that certain something to keep me hooked. 

A good debut from Jan Brigden, but its just a book that didn't gel with me properly, I'm sorry to say. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Choc Lit for this review copy. This is my honest opinion. 

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