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Book Review - A Very Country Christmas by Zara Stoneley - #HarperXmas

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Title: A Very Country Christmas
Author: Zara Stoneley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 29th October 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

A short Christmas story of three courses.

Love is in the air in Tippermere as Lottie dreams of a white Christmas with no trimmings – other than her hot and hunky eventer, Rory. But things are never quite that simple on the Tipping House Estate.

Festive fervour takes over and it isn’t all seasonal peace and goodwill as expectations rise and it soon escalates from cosy dinner for two, to all the trimmings for ten!

With missing turkeys, loose horses, troublesome terriers and randy huntsmen, Lottie is hard pushed to find time for a kiss under the mistletoe, let alone find the opportunity to woo Rory with her sexy Santa costume.

But there is only one thing Lottie really wants for Christmas, and only one man can deliver it…

A Very Country Christmas is a look at Christmas in Tippermere. All your favourite characters (apart from Mick) are present, in this celebration of Christmas, set a few months after Country Affairs finished. 

Lottie is intending to have a cozy Christmas for two with Rory this year, until the season of goodwill over takes her, and she ends up with a crowded house. Highlights include anything to do with the turkey (named Terrence), and the exploits of the slightly disgraced huntmaster. 

As always at the start of this there is a guide to the characters you will see featured in Tippermere, so that even if you haven't read either of Zara's previous books, you still get a good idea of who is who and how they are related. 

It is split into three sections, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and Christmas Eve was possibly the weakest in terms of overall enjoyment, but was all vital set up so that the rest of the story would make lots of sense, and be even more entertaining. 

I felt so at home reading this, I didn't even mind that it was a short story. Sometimes short stories really bug me, but this one was just like an extra few chapters to a normal book, but with a standalone story that was highly enjoyable. 

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