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Guest Post - Tracy Bloom's My Top 5 Festive Romantic Moments on the Silver Screen

I think we all love a good romance at Christmas don’t we? Personally I think it stems from our youth when we are trying to find a mate and Christmas offered the potential of mistletoe, Christmas parties, endless playing of Last Christmas by Wham and alcohol…quite frankly if you couldn’t pull with all that in your favour then when would you?

One of my own most memorable festive romantic moments was at an office fancy dress party where I drew the short straw and was dressed as Dopey from the Seven Dwarfs. This didn’t bode well for a romantic conclusion to the evening but somehow I overcame my handicap and enjoyed a last dance to East 17’s Stay Another Day with a very nice man dressed as Grumpy. In my head it was pure romance. In my head we could have been the final scene in a movie.  Now I love a Christmas movie with a great romance so I thought I’d compile for you my top 5 favourite Christmas romantic moments which I hope will get you in the mood for Christmas and maybe even a bit of a kiss under the mistletoe!

Number 1: When Harry Met Sally
Dragging that Christmas tree through the streets of New York together, laughing hysterically, has to be the happiest romance scene ever. Closely followed of course by Harry’s dash to get to Sally for midnight on New Years Eve and tell her he loves her in a way that only the genius of Nora Ephron the scriptwriter, could come up with. 

Number 2: Love Actually
There are so many great moments in this film it’s hard to choose but the one that gets me every time is Colin Firth asking for the hand in marriage of his Portuguese cleaner in front of an entire restaurant, having learnt her language. Swoon.

Number 3: Bridget Jones Diary
Colin clearly has a Christmas thing going on as who can resist that kiss at the end of the film on the snowy streets of London. Pure romance. Who cares if it’s bloody freezing.

Number 4: The Office Christmas Finale
I just have to include the moment when Martin Freeman walks back into the office party and hands over the pack of pens to Dawn the receptionist. No dialogue, their eyes do all the talking.  So emotional it makes me want to cry now.

Number 5: While You Were Sleeping
It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman sliding around on the ice and having to grab hold of each other is funny and I have never wanted a couple to kiss so much in my life.

You can find more festive romantic (and funny) moments in Tracy Bloom’s I WILL MARRY GEORGE CLOONEY (BY CHRISTMAS). Ebook available now for £1.99 on Amazon UK

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About Tracy Bloom

Tracy Bloom is the award winning writer of the no1 bestseller,  NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY.  She took up writing when her cruel, heartless husband took her to live in America for three years with their new baby. Her first novel topped the ebook charts selling over 200,000 copies and she is now back living in the UK and writing full-time. I WILL MARRY GEORGE CLOONEY (BY CHRISTMAS) was published by Penguin Random House eleven days after George married in Venice but she still has her fingers crossed that it was all just a dream and one day she will wake up and find he's still out there and available! 

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Thank you so much Tracy for sharing these festive moments. Love the moments you chose from Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally, truely classic romantic Christmas scenes. If you like Tracy Bloom's writing, or want to give a whirl, I love her books and her sense of humour, and as she says, I will Marry George Clooney (by Christmas) is at a bargain price for short time. 

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