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Book Review - A Night in with Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday - Blog Tour

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Title: A Night in with Marilyn Monroe
Author: Lucy Holliday
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 3rd December 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

The hilarious follow-up to A Night in With Audrey Hepburn from your favourite new author. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella.

After dating the hottest man on the planet, Dillon O’Hara, Libby Lomax has come back down to earth with a bump. Now she’s throwing herself into a new relationship and is determined to be a better friend to best pal, Ollie, as he launches his new restaurant.

Despite good intentions, Libby is hugely distracted when a newly reformed Dillon arrives back on the scene, more irresistible than ever. And when another unwelcome guest turns up on her battered sofa in the form of Marilyn Monroe, Libby would willingly bite her own arm off for a return to normality.

A Night in with Marilyn Monroe is the equally hilarious sequel to A Night in with Audrey Hepburn. But yet it can be read as a standalone, as you are given the relevant background details needed, in a timely fashion. This is set a few months after the end of the previous book, and it starts with a series of Whatsapp messages between Libby, Nora, Cass and Olly, which brings you right up to speed with whats been going on in the missing few months. 

Libby has a new visitor in her apartment this time, to help shape her life and to act as a guide, and she is now starting to believe that instead of hallucinations, that it is simply an enchanted sofa that she has. This time its Marilyn Monroe, and a young one, before she is properly famous, who decides to move into Libby's apartment. 

Libby in this story needs to remember the value of friendships, as she gets herself into another few memorable scrapes, including one very early in the book, in her new boyfriend Adam's apartment, that is cringeworthy, hilarious and definitely memorable (even if Libby would rather it was never mentioned ever again). 

Her family still isn't really treating her that well, but in return she is being a bit of a lapsed friend to Olly and Nora, and has an irrational dislike to Tash, Nora's other friend. Dillon O'Hara is back, and is a bit of a reformed character, and is a lot more likeable this time around, after a stint in rehab. 

A Night in with Marilyn Monroe, is written in Lucy Hollidays wonderfully entertaining style, that is really a pleasure to read. I just felt that although there is a lot of action in this book, as there was in the previous, that it seems to be missing that certain something, not sure if it was more depth I wanted, or just more development of the story, as I really like all the characters, even Libby's self obsessed sister, Cass. 

I can't wait to see what is in store for us in book 3, which features Grace Kelly. I'm hoping the certain characters will finally see the obvious and get together, and for more sticky situations for Libby to escape from. 

Thank you to Harper and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

About Lucy Holliday

Lucy Holliday’s first major work, a four-line poem called ‘The Postman is Very Good’, was completed shortly before her fifth birthday. It was such an enjoyable experience that she has wanted to be a writer ever since. She is married with a daughter and lives in Wimbledon. 

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