Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Christmas Holiday Reading - Part 1

I am back after 2 glorious weeks of sun and relaxation in Fuerteventura. I saw my sister for a few days for the first time in a couple of years, which was good, and seeing Santa and an Elf arrive by a pool on Christmas day, on a motorbike, and then handing out presents to all the children must have been one of the more surreal sights of the holiday. Also went and saw a fabulous Drag Show, even if the rest of the experience was a complete tourist trap, and watched all manner of shows in the evenings, some live singing and some great miming!

Due to me not really doing much during the days, I got a scary amount of reading done, I believe it is 27 books in 2 weeks, which is a record even for me, and since for once I was organised and making quick notes on each book as I read it, I am hoping to share a set a mini reviews with you for all of these books.

So this is part 1.

Singles Holiday by Elaine Spires - 4 Stars
I found Singles Holiday to be the perfect way to start a holiday, as it follows a group of singles on their holiday every step of the way. Even if don't read much when you are away, I would suggest taking this and reading a chapter a day, following the days of their holiday at the same rate as your own. I was simply amazed at what a group of single travellers could get up to in a holiday, with great ups and downs, and how fast they all bonded. Loved the location of Antigua and it brought back great memories of my own holiday there years ago. 

The Breakup Doctor (The Breakup Doctor Series Book 1) by Phoebe Fox - 4 Stars
Brook Ogden is the expert in helping others through their breakups. However when her own relationship is suddenly over its highly amusing to see how the break up expert deals with her own heart break. This is an entertaining and funny start to the Break Up Doctor series. 

All That Glitters by Vicky Pattinson - 4 Stars
Enjoyed All That Glitters with its hilarious by realistic look at reality TV. I found it to be very easy to read with some great characterization. 

The Hotel on Mulberry Bay by Melissa Hill - 4 Stars
Another brilliant book by Melissa Hill, who I always enjoy. Was an absolute pleasure to read, and gave a great taste of small Irish seaside town life. There is a hint of a big secret in the blurb, and I was delighted that it wasn't the sort of secret I was expecting, and was a great secondary storyline. 

Bedside Manners (The Breakup Doctor Series Book 2) by Phoebe Fox - 4 Stars
Lovely follow up to The Breakup Doctor, that is still full of chaos and dating woes. I already have a copy of book 3 of this series on my kindle and hope to be reading it very soon. 

Losing It by Helen Lederer - 3 Stars
I found this book incredibly confusing at the start and that overall it was an absurd story. I will admit I did enjoy the second half of this more than the first, but really think it could have been a lot better. If you want something that is trying its hardest to be funny but not quite managing it, then you may have better luck. Was also shocked that in a book that deals with weight loss in various forms, including some crash dieting, and close to starvation type techniques there wasn't any form of proper health impact on the main character at all these methods. 

The Secrets We Keep by Jonathan Harvey - 4 Stars
I'm a big fan of Jonathan Harvey, and this book just increased my opinion of him. There are two very distinctive parts to this book, which are both very well written, and there are four very distinctive voices to the telling of this story. What I will say is that the ending is definitely not what I would have predicted. 

The Other Child by Lucy Atkins - 4.5 Stars
Tess's situation really got under my skin, and I was feeling the tension along with her. I found The Other Child to be gripping and enthralling. 

The Wish List Addiction by Lindsey Paley - 4 Stars
I have seen Lindsey Paley around on social media and when I saw her state that The Wish List Addiction was free a few months ago, I couldn't resist, knowing that it would give me a great taste for her writing, pretty much risk free. And I am so glad I did download this, as I loved the story. It is very well written, and held me interest throughout the book, and just shows that dreams can come true. Loved the idea of this "Little Green Book of Wishes" where you dip in and out to try things outside of your comfort zone with varying results. I will definitely be reading more of Lindsey's books in the future. 

Cold Killing (DI Sean Corrigan, Book 1) by Luke Delaney - 5 Stars
DI Sean Corrigan is a fantastic new detective, who uses more than just regular police work to catch the bad guys, for he has a rather unique gift. This was a complete page turner, and I really didn't want it to end, although I hadn't quite predicted the ending. There is a dastardly villain, and the story switches between Sean's point of view and what the killer is up to, with some rather graphic descriptions of violence, but that does help you really get a feel for the evil nature of the villain. 

The Perfect Match by Katie Fforde - 4.5 Stars
As always from Katie Fforde this is a warm and loving romance. There is a great selection of characters but I do have to state that ex-boyfriend Nevil is truly despicable. Alice's romance was incredibly sweet and will give anyone some hope of a happy ending. 

Holly's Christmas Kiss by Alison May - 4 Stars
Holly Michelle Jolly is not that keen on Christmas, and was hoping to have a Caribbean Christmas holiday. However when the flight is cancelled she ends up agreeing to a different sort of Christmas. Very sweet Christmas novella set in Edinburgh at Christmas. 

A Very Big House in the Country by Claire Sandy - 5 Stars
One very big house in Devon, three very different families that do all know each other a bit, and one fortnight to see sparks fly. I loved seeing the various friendships and all the revelations that were occurring as no family was exactly as they seemed. This is a fabulously summery read and I really did enjoy all the characters. 

The first half of my holiday produced some fantastic books, and there are even more goodies to come in the second half. 

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