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Book Review - The Gin Shack on the Beach by Catherine Miller - Chances Fortnight - Blog Tour

It is always a chance when you have never read the author before, and pretty much were drawn to the book purely by the cover, having not really looked at the blurb before hand.

Amazon UK
Title: The Gin Shack on the Beach
Author: Catherine Miller
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 5th June 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

You’re never too old to try something new!
When octogenarian Olive Turner is persuaded by her son to move into a retirement home, she congratulates herself on finding the secret to an easy life: no washing up, cooking or cleaning. But Olive isn’t one for mindless bingo with her fellow residents, and before the first day is over she's already hatching a plan to escape back to her beloved beach hut and indulge in her secret passion for a very good gin & tonic.

Before long Olive’s secret is out and turning into something wonderful and new. Only a select few are invited, but word spreads quickly about the weekly meetings of The Gin Shack Club. Soon everybody on the beach wants to become a gin connoisseur and join Olive on her journey to never being forced to grow older than you feel.

A journey of friendship, defiance and a quest for the perfect G&T.

What happens when you try to put an octogenarian into a retirement home, try to force her to give up her beach hut, and stop her from having freedom to come and go as she pleases? Well that is what Olive has to contend with, and more in The Gin Shack on the Beach. 

She doesn't mind too much about moving into a retirement hotel that has a huge activity schedule, but having restricted access to her beach hut, the one thing that gives her joy, is a step too far for her. It leads to Oliver, and new friends Veronica and Randy having to find ways to sneak out so they can do as they please. 

I pretty much loved everything to do with Olive and her friends, and the way she seems to inspire people around her. She is incredibly feisty, doesn't necessarily conform to what is expected from a woman of her age, has a fantastic knowledge of Gin and Tonic, has some great friendships, but equally seems to have had a sad past, and a difficult relationship with her son. In fact its son, Richard that is adding to Olive's stress, meaning she has to stay at Oakley West, and barely has access to her beach hut any more. 

The story takes many turns, each of them feels completely right, while also in some respects taking me by surprise.  There is simply a fabulous cast of characters, that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.  I also loved the descriptions of the various gins that Olive has tried, as well as everything to do with The Gin Shack Club. 

The pacing in the book is just right, keeps moving a  good speed, with no dull moments, just plenty of action, laughs and good times. It really is a feel good story, and I loved our octogenarians, their budding friendship and the antics they get up to.  I would have happily read this in one sitting had I had the time.  

I suspect if you are a big G&T drinker then you will identify with Olive even more than I did, and also start to crave a drink during some parts of the book.  This was the first book I have read by Catherine Miller, and I'm really glad I started with this one given how much I enjoyed the book. 

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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