Monday, 5 June 2017

Book Review - Pieces of My Life by Rachel Dann - Chances Fortnight

The main reason I even downloaded this book was after spotting mentions of Ecuador and Quito on hashtags before publication, and despite knowing nothing more, I was happy to take a chance on a new debut author and new book with very little thought, and it paid off very well! 

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Title: Pieces of My Life
Author: Rachel Dann
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 17th May 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

A journey she never expected…
Kirsty is happy. Really, she is. After five years with her boyfriend, Harry, she’s ready to take things to the next step and turn that spare room into a little nursery. And she thought Harry was too.

Only, it turns out that Harry’s ‘big news’ is actually not that he wants to try for a baby, but that he wants to travel to South America – with Kirsty! She’ll just have to trust that after their trip of a lifetime, Harry will be ready to settle down for good.

Arriving in hot, steamy Ecuador it soon becomes clear that Harry is hiding something. Something that he’s been hiding for years. And as Kirsty’s dreams are at risk of shattering, she begins to pick up the pieces of the life that she’s put off for so long…

Perfect poolside reading, or in your armchair while dreaming of far off places, either way this is one fantastic book! 

What do you think of if I mention Ecuador? Is your mind partially as blank as mine was, I knew very little about this South American country, until I read Pieces of My Life, and now I have a much better picture of the capital Quito. 

After Kirsty's disappointment at Harry not suggesting they should be making babies, and that instead the announcement was that he wanted them to go on a 3 month trip to South America, Kirsty starts to get excited about seeing far off places and even comes up with a huge list of things she would like to do once they get there. 

However once they arrive in Quito, Harry starts to act strangely, and although I had an inkling what the reason behind it was,  their trip doesn't exactly go as planned. Harry starts working in a local school and Kirsty decides to volunteer at the local women's prison. 

It was the prison storyline that I really loved, it opened my eyes to not only what the conditions on a foreign prison could be like, but also the differences in drug law between the UK and Ecuador. I became fully involved in what Kirsty was trying to do for one specific prisoner, whose story was incredibly moving. 

New friends are made, Ecuadorian specialities are devoured, some sights are seen, and you generally get a colourful sense of Quito and its surrounding area.  

There are many different threads of story, which combined leads to one incredibly enjoyable story of intrigue, secrets, emotion, new friends and family relationships. I found the book very hard to put down, and just wanted to keep on reading the whole time.  This is one seriously impressive debut novel, that was addictive to read plus it's always nice to learn things from fiction, which shows just well researched elements of it must have been. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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