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Guest Post & Giveaway - Taking a Chance on self-publishing by Louise Walters - Chances Fortnight

In January 2016 I made the decision to self-publish my second novel, A Life Between Us. It was a tough decision, and I was terrified of failure. Especially as self-publishing itself is deemed a "failure" by some people. My first novel Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase was published in 2014 by Hodder. My second novel didn’t get a trade deal, and I was left with two options: put this novel away and write another, or bring this one out myself. I was committed to my novel and I believed in it. So I made the decision to self-publish. 

I knew I wanted to do everything "properly" and I wanted my book to resemble a trade published book, in every respect. With that in mind, I gave myself a year to work on the project. I decided to use Troubador Publishing's imprint for self-publishers, Matador Books. I knew so little about the publishing process and I felt I needed a helping hand.

My book went through all the usual processes that all books do – various edits; typesetting; proof-reading; cover design. It wasn’t different from trade publishing at that point. I was happy with most of the help I received, but the cover Matador came up with didn't do the book justice, I felt. I decided to hire my own designer, and I went with Jennie Rawlings, whose work I had noticed and admired on the cover of a friend's book. Jennie came up with a wonderful concept, and I think her design has really helped my book get noticed. 

As publication day drew closer, I became increasingly nervous. All those “What If…?” scenarios started to dance around in my head... but it was too late, I was fully committed, fully paid up, and there was nowhere else to go. My book was going to be published no matter what! 

I received no newspaper or magazine reviews, which was a disappointment, but not unexpected. The “establishment” doesn’t like its boats being rocked and I guess that’s what self-publishing is doing. (Especially those who do it professionally, and I hope I’m in that category!) We are still considered a foe, not a friend, but I think in the end that will change. Self-publishing isn’t going away any time soon. 

My early reviews from book bloggers, authors and readers have been fantastic. I cried as I read some of them, out of pure relief. I believed in my book, but I know only too well how sometimes our belief and enjoyment in our own work isn’t shared, or is misguided. Early reviews have validated my novel and I know that my decision to self-publish was the right one for me, and for this particular book. I’m glad I took the chance, and I would do it again. It’s been a fantastic experience. 

Thank you so much Louise for taking the time to share your chance on Self-publishing with us. I hope you have a lot of success with A Life Between Us.

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Win a signed copy of A Life Between Us & bookmark (Open Internationally)

Louise Walters lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and five children. She is the author of Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase (2014) and A Life Between Us (2017). She is working on a third novel. 

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