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Book Review - My DisOrganised Life by Nina Whyle - Chances Fortnight

I took a chance on this book as it was my oldest Netgalley title and given I kept not reading it, I had to wonder and be nervous as to whether my subconscious knew something that I didnt! 

Amazon UK
Title: My DisOrganised Life
Author: Nina Whyle
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: So Vain Books
Publication Date: 28th January 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

A viral video of drunkenness and vomiting over a policeman is the stuff of nightmares, and so is living back home with your religious, nutty parents. Fed up with life not going her way and turning quietly insane, Eve Poots comes up with a plan. Well more of a list of “things to do while she's still twenty-something”.
Six months later, and the list is working its power: she is now living with her new boyfriend, junior doctor Adam, and working as an assistant to TV producer Alastair on a reality show – life really is on the up.
But then it all starts to crumble and she soon realises that what the list should have really said was:
1. An awful colleague hell-bent in making her life agonising – check
2. An unplanned engagement – check
3. Lusting for dashing TV director when she has a perfectly decent boyfriend at home - check
4. Seeking help from a sex therapist – check
5. Growing a back-bone - pending

Has her life suddenly turned into a TV melodrama of its own?

Light hearted, a bit zany and chaotic and definitely fun. 

Eve is a huge fan of to-do-lists, in fact you should see the big list she has made of things she wants to do while in her twenties. She has grown up with religious parents, and finds all talk about sex incredibly awkward. She has a boyfriend, Adam, who seems perfect on paper, and is in a new job where people don't know about her video on youtube that accidentally went a bit viral! 

For me the best things that happen in this book are while Eve and her colleagues are filming a pilot for a few reality tv gameshow, that sounds as though it would be compelling viewing. The four couples that are taking part are so different that they almost sound like exaggerated caricatures.   You have the upper class man who seems unaware of the cameras, the woman with incredibly yappy dogs, the fitness freak, the couple who have been heavily influenced by 50 Shades of Grey and are at it, every spare second they can find, and a few slightly more normal people. 

This is in addition to a crew full of great people, one incredibly horrible cast member, an amusing TV presenter and one man that Eve is suddenly hyper aware of. 

Despite all of this, there was something about Eve that I just wasn't keen on, I really didn't mesh that well with her, perhaps it was her haphazard approach to things, or just that she was young. Regardless I enjoyed the book overall, and there are plenty of moments to have you laughing your socks off! 

My DisOrganised Life is a fun look at how reality TV shows are put together, in combination with one woman's sexual awakening. It is fairly quick book to read, depending on how much your concentration slips, and its certainly enjoyable. 

Thank you to So Vain Books and Netgalley for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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