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Book Review - For the Love of Christmas by Kate Forster - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #71

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Title: For the Love of Christmas
Author: Kate Forster
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: MIRA
Publication Date: 1st September 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Rebecca’s so called splendid life isn’t so wonderful. She is fresh out of rehab, her husband and children aren’t home for the holiday, and her Christmas tree has alopecia.

Days from Christmas, Rebecca has to explore her grief about a loss so huge, it tipped her over the edge, and imagine a future that maybe spent alone.

But she learns that, while Christmas for one is possible, it’s just a lot nicer when there’s family to share it with.

Love, loss and forgiveness come together to make a Christmas that Rebecca will never forget, and one that will unwrap a joyous future, even it’s not at all like what she imagined was waiting for her under the Christmas tree.

This festive season, it really will be a Wonderful Life with For the Love of Christmas by Kate Forster.

This is what a festive novella should be like. It draws you in, leaves you wondering initially as to why Rebecca is apart from her family, and then has some moments of incredibly tender loving family moments and a even has an ending. 

It is so refreshing to feel like you have read a whole story in such a short space, and I loved all 4 family members perspectives.  

The characters were all real distinctive, I loved Sofie's voice, and really felt for Rebecca too.  It was a fantastic look at a family in the run up to Christmas where not everything is picture perfect. The best example of that I can suggest is to keep an eye out for just which Christmas tree Rebecca buys. 

For the Love of Christmas has reminded me how much I love Kate Forster's work, the writing hit exactly the right mark and while the book was definitely a Christmas story, it wasn't just the happy go lucky side of the festival either. There was some real depth and emotion in this book and it touches on a couple of tricky subjects. 

Thank you to everyone that voted last week. I think this book had been on my wishlist for a year before I bought it last December, so it really was about time I got around to reading it.  Was a great little book and I look forward to seeing the result from this week. 

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