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Book Review - I Will Survive by Pippa James

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Title: I Will Survive
Author: Pippa James
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 19th September 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

Frankie is a single mother. She’s bold. She’s brave. And she’s winning at life… isn’t she?

Underneath her big smile and daring outfits, Frankie’s hiding a secret. Her five-year-old son Liam is awesome. But life as a solo parent is tough. Her job as a barmaid sucks, her meddlesome mother is taking over and she’s far from living her best life.

She’s lost her way and she’s starting to feel… lonely.

When Frankie’s overbearing mother breaks her leg and has to go and live with her saintly sister, it’s time for Frankie to shake things up. Because she wants to turn things around for the little boy who holds the keys to her broken heart.

Surrounded by perfect mothers, Frankie quickly realises she needs some real mum friends to get her through repetitive school runs and red-faced dating disasters. The kind of people who don’t judge your shop bought cakes and bring wine to your door, just because.

So Frankie sweeps up anxious Kate and organised Alison in her whirlwind. As the unlikely trio face the trials and tantrums of motherhood, they learn that parenting is about surviving one day at a time. And together they can wing it through anything, can’t they?

Three incredibly different women, all just trying to survive motherhood! Frankie, Alison and Kate all felt very realistic, as though you probably have met at least one of them in your own playground 

Frankie is a young single mum to Liam, who lives with her won mum, and her mother Paula does most of the childcare.  She is possibly the character with the most personal growth in this book - initially a bit tricky to like, but by the end I really did enjoy reading about her and eager to see how she develops in the next book. 

Alison just wants to fit in and make some friends when Xander starts school, and thus gets roped into the PTA. Xander was the child I didn't take to of the main children but that is just because he didn't seem to get as much air time as such.   I really felt for what Alison is going through at the moment and she really is the sort of character that proves that you never know just what is under the outward appearance. 

Whereas Kate is a rather anxious sort of mother, continually worrying about things and being uncomfortable in social situations, which makes it harder for her to get to know new people.  Amelia and Reuben her children are lovely and are getting on really well with Liam. 

There are unlikely friendships being formed, good character development and lots of moments to make you giggle.  I Will Survive has a great feel good vibe to it and it was a pleasure to read.   I loved the various real mums messages on the pages separating each month - which were a lovely touch.  

Already looking forward to reading the sequel - The Happiness Project, which i suspect I will be starting incredibly soon. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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