Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Book review - A Bakery at the Little Duck Pond Cafe by Rosie Green

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Title:  A Bakery at the Little Duck Pond Cafe
Author: Rosie Green
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published 
Publication Date: 31st March 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Ellie's dreams of opening a bakery in Sunnybrook are coming true and best friends Fen and Jaz are happily rallying round, helping her to plan a fabulous grand opening day. Everything in their garden seems to be rosy - until the arrival of a newcomer brings chaos to the village and tests relationships to the limit. Can the bakery succeed in the face of such upheaval? And more importantly, can firm friendships survive?

I think this could easily be my favourite book of the series so far.  I'm a huge fan of all the characters that we already know and love in Sunnybrook, but the main character of this particular instalment was rather refreshing.  

I absolutely loved getting to know Katja, she has a very interesting past, and  the competition with Madison the other fresh face to the series, to see who would be hired long term to work in the bakery. 

Both Katja and Madison are complete opposites, so them needing to live together creates some very interesting situations.  

Of course Ellie is still central to the plot, it's just we get to see everything through fresh eyes, and get to see how Ellie, Zac and Maisie are getting on from a different perspective.    

This is just a really enjoyable novella, its very quick and easy to read, I could have easily read it in one sitting, but I started it in bed at 3am, and didn't think reading more than a chapter would be a good idea. 

There is such a comfortable feel to the series and the writing, and I was able to pick up with the lives of the characters really quickly. while taking to Katja really quickly too. 

Whether you are new to the series, or a regular, its a lovely romantic comedy that will certainly entertain you. 

Thank you to Rosie Green for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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