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Book Review - Summer at the Kindness Cafe by Victoria Walters - Blog Tour

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Title: Summer at the Kindness Cafe
Author: Victoria Walters
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source:Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 13th June 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Escape to the beautiful town of Littlewood with this heart-warming read, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Holly Hepburn and Jo Thomas. 

Welcome to Brew, a cafe where kindness is almost as important as coffee... almost!

Abbie has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Her sister, Louise, unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter Zoe, is hoping to fulfil her husband's dying wish: to reunite his family.

This summer, three very different women are inspired by the random acts of kindness written up on the Kindness Board at Brew, and decide to make a pact to be kinder to others and to themselves.

Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Eszter, Abbie and Louise are about to find out!

**Summer at the Kindness Cafe was previously published as a four-part serial titled Random Acts of Kindness. This is the complete story in one package.**

Wow what a simply wonderful book this is, all about being kind to each other and paying the kindness forward.   

Originally published in four novellas each part could in theory be read as a standalone, as there are small reminders at the start of each, so if you are reading it as a full book, expect a small bit of repetition from earlier in the book, as it was originally published over a period of time.    

What I do find though is that I always loved reading these combined books and find that due to the way each part needs to hook readers itself that the book was extremely addictive and kept throwing out little curve-balls to entice you to keep on reading. And I loved it for it. 

Upon meeting our three leading ladies I was hooked into all of their stories instantly.   Louise, two years on is  still recovering from heartbreak, but there may be a new potential man in her life, if she decides to give love a chance.     Then there is Abbie, Louise's sister who is determined to be moving back to London, as she is convinced there will be nothing for her in Littlewood.   Although a certain project may be enough to change her mind. 

Then there is Ezter and young daughter Zoe, who have come over to England for the summer, to see where her late husband grew up, and to fulfil his dying wish, which is easier said than done. 

The three all meet in Brew, the local cafe on Ezter and Abbie's first day in Littlewood and a friendship springs up instantly and all because of the kindness board in the cafe. 

This has such a lovely small village feel to it, and the focus shifts around our three main  characters so we get to see them up close, and personal. 

It's such a charming book and it screams kindness as you, from small things you can do for a person, to slightly larger more obvious things.  I would have loved to live in Littlehampton with such a lovely feel good feel to the place. 

This may only be the second book I've read by this author but it certainly won't be the last. Any book I can read and devour and be hooked on so quickly is a winner in my book! 

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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