Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Book Review - The Perfect Moment by Alix Kelso

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Title:  The Perfect Moment
Author: Alix Kelso
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Lake Falls Publishing
Publication Date: 28th February 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Is there ever a perfect moment to begin again in life? 

Ever since tragedy threw her life into turmoil, Laura has taken refuge in her waitressing job at Valentino’s restaurant in Glasgow’s leafy Fairhill. Serving lattes and lunch specials means she’s too busy to think about all she lost or the dreams she was forced to abandon. So when her beloved boss announces she’s selling the business, Laura is devastated. Hatching a plan to set her up with the local pub owner, Laura hopes the two of them will make a connection that might just change her mind.

Recovering from betrayal and heartbreak, Bruce is also in hiding from the world and working in his uncle’s pub while he wonders how to restart his life. When Laura asks for help with her matchmaking scheme, he finds himself unable to refuse. She has a smile he can’t resist, no matter how much he wants to.

But as their plan is set in motion, the matchmakers begin falling for each other. Yet Laura thinks she’s happy with her dull boyfriend and Bruce won’t risk another broken heart. As the future of Valentino’s hangs in the balance, can these two lost and lonely people find the perfect moment to start their lives again together?

Treat yourself to THE PERFECT MOMENT, a sweet, feel-good, emotional romance about new beginnings and being brave enough to follow your heart.

What a charming, heart warming and all around just lovely story this is.  

It's a really enjoyable debut novel, and first book in a series centring around the suburb of Fairhill in Glasgow. 

With this story, we have four focal characters - Natalie who owns Valentinos, but is now looking to sell up and move on,   Laura her best waitress, who is shocked that Natalie wants to sell her business.   Bruce who is currently work in the pub opposite, and his uncle Keith, who is rather unlucky in love. 

Laura is so determined to persuade Natalie, her boss and friend, that she is making the wrong decision, she plots with Ben to match-make Natalie with Keith, in the hopes that she will enjoy her new love and moving on from dead husband and not want to leave Fairhill. 

What is clear though is that Laura and Bruce definitely have a connection, but whether its growing friendship, or something more is to be determined.  After all one is recently divorced and the other has a partner currently but not an overly interesting, or exciting one. 

I'm somewhat surprised that this is a debut novel, as the writing feels rather accomplished and reminds me of the feelings I've had when I've read more established authors in the genre, in the past.   

I found the story really easy to read, and I was absorbed and hooked on finding out what would happen next, and seeing just how everything would develop. 

The Perfect Moment, really is a fabulous book that is great when you just want to escape into some realistic character's lives for a few hours,  and ignore your own! 

Many thanks to Alix Kelso for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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