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Book Review - Killer Affair by Rebecca Chance

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Title: Killer Affair
Author: Rebecca chance
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Pan 
Publication Date: 27th July 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

A shocking betrayal deserves a wicked revenge . . .

Stunning, charismatic Lexy O’Brien is the reigning queen of British reality TV. Her life in front of the camera is planned and manipulated as successfully as any military assault.

But success breeds jealousy. When you’re on top, the only way is down and there’s always someone standing by to give you a shove . . .

Dowdy Caroline Evans, a part-time blogger and writer of erotic fiction, is brought in to chronicle Lexy’s life. Being taken under Lexy’s wing is a dream come true for Caroline. But sampling the star’s lifestyle is like tasting the most addictive of drugs, and it’s not long before she is craving what she can’t possibly have – or can she?

And as Caroline and Lexy’s lives and loves become increasingly entwined, it’s only a matter of time before the hidden rivalry becomes a powder keg waiting to explode . . 

I really don't know what to think, that was a huge story of envy, jealousy, sex, great one liners, with an incredibly twisty finale that left me very impressed.  

A yet it started with me thinking that Caroline was easily one of the most relatable to characters I have read in a while to the extent I thought she could have been me! We both have the same facial skin condition,  both are bloggers, have had the same thoughts about sex and she lives one stop away from where I used to work, so I even recognised the pain of the tube/train journey she  had! 

Not only that as it becomes apparent that Caroline was going to become a ghostwriter for a famous reality tv star, there is a lot of talk about ghost writers in general, how much they make, the public's perception or lack of, with regards to ghostwriters and celebrity biographies. I recall seeing discussions earlier this year on those exact topics, after a specific article was published, which to my eyes added an extra layer to the book that I could relate to. 

However characters like people can change, and  as the story progressed I am glad to say that I am actually nothing like Caroline! In fact as the book progressed I couldn't work out if I had more empathy with Lexy or Caroline.  Lexy is one kick-ass woman, she has masterminded her reality tv career and knows exactly what she wants, and also appears to have the perfect life. 

On a moral level neither woman is up to much really given one is determined to wreck a marriage and the other is determined to do anything for publicity and assumes her devoted husband will forgive her!  On the other hand I loved Caroline's determination to change herself, to become more confident and follow her dreams at whatever expense. 

While Caroline was ghosting Lexy's book we would occasionally see snippets written in Lexy's voice by Caroline which were really amusing. We also saw some rather erotic historical romance writing by Caroline too. Not to mention how much I enjoyed Caroline's sexual awakening and some of the incredibly hot scenes that followed. 

I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Chance, and her quick wit, and open mindedness with regards anything sexual are clear once again in this book. Not all the scenes will appeal to everyone but they are incredibly well written and I thoroughly enjoyed every last word! 

Killer Affair to me is a perfect example of a holiday read, I would have loved to have read this pure escapism while lying by a pool, sipping cocktails and absorbing the sun, as if you can 't read, relax and thoroughly the many naughty books while on holiday surrounded by strangers, then when can you!! 

Thank you to Pan and Netgalley for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily

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