Monday, 3 July 2017

Coming Up on Rachel's Random Reads...

...well coming up may imply there will be things happening, but strictly speaking that may not be the truth!

If you were expecting a new Rachel Reads Randomly Vote post today, then I am sorry, so was I until it turns out that it was more wishful thinking that I would be able to continue blogging normally until I went on holiday. 

Basically my timeline for the new couple of weeks is:

Until 19th July - blog will be running as long as I read about 3 more books to fill in the gaps in my scheduling. Except for my regular Monday feature. 

20th - 30th July - I will be on a Greek Island Cruise, sunning myself and basically dreading returning to the stress once I am back for on

3rd August I will be moving house. I have been stressed about this for months, especially with the need to downsize my entire life, as it turns out I have a lot of stuff. But the move is going ahead, and its due to this that I am already now running out of time to prep blog posts or even read. 

My reading speed has dropped to a book every couple of days, instead of my normal much quicker average. 

I had already decided that I am blocking off too much advance scheduling and basically from the time I go away until start of September, there will be some posts, I've got 5 guest posts scheduled in for blog tours (at least I hope those will all work), and there may be some reviews as I will still be reading. 

However it won't be at the same rate that I normally love running my blog, so I ask for your patience and understanding this summer, and if I have one of your books waiting for review on my TBR...well the plan is to get to it eventually, I just don't know when. 

Oh and to prospective authors that may be wanting to ask me for a review - my review policy states I'm too busy at the moment, I really do mean that, asking me to make an exception for you isn't necessarily going to please me!!

Other than that I'll be about on social media as much as I can, probably even while I'm on holiday, but hope to be back in September, maybe with my new business ready to launch too (fingers crossed)! 


  1. Have a lovely holiday, hope it relaxes and refreshes you ready for the house move.

  2. Have a lovely holiday - and I hope the move goes well! x

  3. Having been juggling a few things myself, I'd missed your news, Rachel. It seems you're juggling more crazily than I am! Good luck with the move, lovely. Get off on that cruise and ... breathe. Good luck with the move. It'll all be fine ... once it's all done! ;) xx

  4. Well said .. I know how much stress you are under so I will reiterate .. 'Rachel runs a fabulous blog & usually reads like a whirlwind so if she says she is too busy at the moment she really is'!
    I will be with you every step of the way :) x

  5. Have a great holiday, Rachel, and I hope the house move goes smoothly.

  6. Enjoy your holiday Rachel, best wishes for new beginning. 💜


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