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Book Review - Single For The Summer by Mandy Baggot

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Title: Single For The Summer
Author: Mandy Baggot
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Ebury Press
Publication Date: 27th July 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Tess Parks has made up her mind: love isn’t for her.

When it comes to dating she has one rule: after six weeks with a guy, she ends it. So when her heartbroken best friend invites her for a girly getaway in Corfu, Tess is sure she can stick to their pact to stay single for the summer. 

But then she meets the gorgeous restaurateur Andras... 

To keep his overbearing mother off his back, Tess agrees to pretend to date him. But as the two spend time together, Tess begins to realise that this fake relationship is starting to feel like the best one she’s ever had…

Thanks to Single For the Summer, I have fallen in love with a man called Andras, and the island of Corfu. I was hooked on Tess and Sonya's week in Corfu, and just how much they managed to pack into a week. 

Before we even get to Greece, there is a proposal that sets in motion Tess's willingness to even go on holiday, and her new aversion to scallops!  Sonya persuades Tess, who is a serial dater and never stays single for longer than a few days at a time, to stay single for the whole holiday..they are allowed to look but that's it. 

Well things don't exactly go according to plan when Andras needs a fake girlfriend for the week to put off his mother's matchmaking and he ropes Tess in play the part. In return Tess negotiates for things she and her friend require to make their holiday perfect! 

I absolute loved Andras guiding the girls around the island of Corfu, and from that I got a great feeling of the beauty of the island. However what really sets this story apart is Andras' brothers wedding that is happening at the end of the week. 

As a fake girlfriend Tess and Sonya are invited to many Corfiot family meals and learn all about Greek wedding customs and traditions. I found it really interesting to see just how different English and Greek weddings are. We also discover just how important family is to the Greeks, and there is also plenty of delicious sounding Greek Food present too. 

The chemistry between Tess and Andras is clearly present even if both have had enough heartbreak in the past they wouldn't want to acknowledge it. From some of the conversations they have its clear to see just how similar they are while being quite different. 

If feels in way like a bit of a story of contrasts, set in a stunning location. The other character that is worth a mention is the great four legged friend in this story Hector. Hector is one of the best masters of escape I've read about, and he isn't necessarily the animal you think he is! 

Overall Mandy Baggot has clearly done it again, brought together sun, summer, Greek men and food, and a lovely story altogether is a fantastically summery book. I loved being able to read this on a cold summers day in England, as it made me feel warm inside, although I did wish I had read it on my Greek Cruise instead! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Ebury Press for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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