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Book Review - The Waffle House on the Pier by Tilly Tennant

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Title: The Waffle House on the Pier
Author: Tilly Tennant
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 25th June 2020
Rating: 5 Stars

Run away to Sea Salt Bay, where the sand is warm and soft, the sea is a perfect blue, and a candy-coloured waffle house is about to change Sadie’s life…

For as long as she can remember, Sadie’sgrandparents have run the waffle house on the pier at Sea Salt Bay. With its pretty painted chairs, sweet smells, and the warm advice of her beloved grandparents, the waffle house is like a second home

But when Sadie’s grandfather dies, leaving her grandmother without an anchor, Sadie must make a difficult decision. She quits her job and moves back home, determined to keep things going. The trouble is, she knows nothing about running a business, and learning at a million miles an hour with a shop full of hungry people isn’t easy. When she nearly burns the waffle house down, she has to admit she needs to get some help.

Her ex-boyfriend Declan promises to be there for her but Sadie worries that getting too close is a mistake – especially as he has a new girlfriend now. And anyway she’s just met newcomer Luke, with his gorgeous suntan and mellow voice…

Sadie’s family have always loved Declan and they’re not too sure about Luke, leaving Sadie unsure which way to turn. A terrible accident at sea forces her to look into her heart, but what if it’s already too late to tell the right man that she loves him?

If you love stolen kisses under the pier, walking along spray-capped shores eating ice cream, and books by Lucy Diamond, Jill Mansell and Jenny Colgan, you will fall in love with this romantic, heart-breaking read.

How I loved this story, however it didn't make me crave waffles which confused me slightly. In fact there really isn't too much talk about waffles itself, more about family and just what to do with the waffle house now that Sadie's grandpa has unfortunately died. 

As it is clear her Gammy, April is struggling, but no one initially is quite sure whether its grief or something more, that is leading to April's current behaviour. 

All of the family that live in Sea Salt Bay, which oddly is a location name that had me thinking of salted caramel every time I read it, have their own jobs and none are really sure what to do with the waffle house. 

But Sadie who is rather impulsive decides she wants to quit her teacher training, which based on having seen her try to control a classroom, I'm inclined to agree she may not be in the right line of work, and to help April re-open and run the waffle house without thinking it through. 

And it soon becomes apparent, just how impulsive Sadie is, and while she is dealing with various family dilemmas, I'm also enjoying trying to work out who the main romantic interest for the book is, and just who she may end up with. 

For there are two front runners, and I felt like Sadie wasn't really sure of her own heart for most of the book, and because I quite liked both men, I was unsure which way to will her on too! 

I really did love the seaside setting of Sea Salt Bay, and all of Sadie's family members.  It was just a really enjoyable calming read that was just what I needed at the point I sat down and read it. 

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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