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Book Review - We Just Clicked by Anna Bell

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Title: We Just Clicked
Author: Anna Bell
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ 
Publication Date: 16th April 2020
Rating: 4 Stars

Izzy’s always played by the rules. But now, it’s time to break them…

Izzy Brown has always dreamed of making it big on Instagram, but her followers just aren’t growing. So when her colleague and fellow ‘influencer’ Luke suggests they fake date to boost their profiles, Izzy says yes – against her better judgement. Now Izzy’s profile shows a confident, glamorous thirty-something with the perfect boyfriend, and her followers are shooting up by the thousands.

So what if behind the scenes, things are a little different? Izzy can’t stop bickering with Luke, his habit of checking his quiff in EVERY SINGLE mirror is driving her insane, and she’s hiding a secret heartache. But everyone tells a few fibs on social media, right?

Then Izzy runs into Aidan, the mysterious stranger who saved her the day her world fell apart two years ago – and major sparks start to fly. Izzy’s sure she can have the online success she’s always dreamed of, whilst falling in love in real life. After all, Aidan doesn’t use social media… what could possibly go wrong?

Well I do love a book that features some sort of fake relationship, although not really sure I can explain why that is the case.  I also love a book that features social media influences and find it amusing the lengths they go to, to show off their "perfect lives".  Oh and I love Anna Bell's books too! 

So unsurprisingly with all three of these elements present in We Just Clicked, i had a fantastic time reading it, and found the whole story rather enjoyable. 

Especially when you take into account the initially handsome stranger who helps Izzy on the worst day of her life, but only knows the first name for,  and the fact that she decided to enter into a fake "showmance" as such with Luke, to increase their followers, and hopefully become higher profile and be able to start making money from Instagram. 

Now I've read a fair few books featuring the fake date trope and thus sort of knew what to expect, while at the same time I've also read a fair few featuring social media influencers and kind of knew what to expect but yet what you actually have with this book feels rather different, and not everything you may anticipate as outcomes from the tropes actually happens. 

Yet there is also more to it then the tropes, there  are memorable characters at Izzy's place of work, her best friend is fabulous and the story with Becca, her flatmate is so important and key and I loved seeing how that developed too. 

Between the real and fake dates there are all manner of memorable and entertaining moments, plus one scene that turned my stomach and had me skipping a few pages as it was disgusting. Yet it's that scene that I bet men would laugh their heads off watching, if the book was made into a film! 

There is so much to love about this book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

Thank you to HQ and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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