Wednesday, 28 April 2021

I'm taking over......

....well I always fancied world domination, oh wait, that's not today's announcement oops. But read on to see just what I am taking over! 

One of the joys I've had since I started blogging, is paying far more attention to who publishers which book,  and if it wasn't for my blog... or possibly their weekly twitter giveaways, I may never have discovered the joys of Headline Eternal. 

An imprint of the mega Headline Books, they have a focus on romance books, which is obviously as anyone who has ever read my blog will know a keen staple of my reading! And I have to say they often have some of the hottest scenes I've read anywhere!   And great stories too! 

So imagine my delight when they asked if I fancied taking over their newsletter this week!!! Yes I'm the featured blogger on the Headline Eternal newsletter, what an honour! Never thought I'd be featured on a publisher email when I set up this blog 6 years ago!!

However they asked the always impossible question, for me to share my thoughts on my favourite Headline Eternal books. I mean how on earth am I meant to pick?  I can never pick a favourite, their books are always just so good. 

But if you want to find out what I chosen, then please do sign up to their newsletter -  - just scroll down slightly past their image of some of their recent releases and you'll see the sign up link!  I believe it will be revealed tomorrow, so not long to wait! 

And not only that they also put great deals on their newsletter, upcoming releases, occasionally cover reveals and of course blogger takeovers, so you may even find in upcoming emails bloggers that you love more than me! 

But you may be thinking, that you don't necessarily pay that much attention to who published which books, so here is a look back at all the Headline Eternal books that I have featured on my blog so far! 

All of these are by Jo Watson

All by Lyssa Kay Adams

So all of those I have read, loved and zoomed through reading as I do find Headline Eternal books seem to just be really quick reads for me. 

If you want to see which of the above I've named as my favourite Headline Eternal titles then please do sign up to their newsletter and all will be revealed later this week. 

And if you are still reading this far, what I'd love to know from you, is which of their books I should read next.  (If you have been following me since the beginning you may remember my old Rachel Reads Randomly vote feature, so this may feel familiar). 

I have these Eternal books waiting for me to read, and I do intend to read and review them all but what I'd like to know is which should I read next? What would you like to hear about very soon?  Let me know in the comments and the one with the most votes, I will make my next read and post at some point in the next week.   I'll count up at the point I've finished my current book! 

So which should I read next from Headline Eternal...?

Ten Rules for Faking It by Sophie Sullivan
Once Upon a Puppy by Lizzie Shane decide and let me know! 

And of course don't forget to sign up to the Headline Eternal newsletter to find out my favourite of their books so far! 


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