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Book Review - For Rent: The Apartment Manager Series by Erin Huss

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Title: For Rent: The Apartment Manager Series
Author: Erin Huss
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Velvet Morning Press
Publication Date: 8th August 2016
Rating: 4.5 Stars

What's another word for concierge/shrink/babysitter? Apartment manager, of course! 

When Cambria Clyne—a single mom down on her luck—gets the job as apartment manager at an L.A. apartment complex, she believes her life is turning around. But between having to talk to the retired couple in Apartment 22 about their loud bedroom "activities" and babysitting the owner's man-child who lives in Apartment 40, Cambria realizes the job is nothing like she'd imagined. 

When crime takes over the community, Cambria adds "detective" to her list of duties, determined to find the criminals terrorizing the residents and threatening her job. Joining her efforts are rivals Chase, the gorgeous not-so-handy maintenance man, and Tom, her one-time-love baby daddy. As the case unravels and tensions increase, Cambria finds that perhaps she's been a na├»ve accomplice all along... 

If you like the lovable in-over-their-heads heroines of Sophie Kinsella's stories, with a little Janet Evanovich cozy mystery thrown in, you'll love this hilarious look at the adventures of a feisty gal trying to keep her crazy job and find love. 

There is that saying that an author should write about what they know, and in this case, it certainly shines through - Erin Huss clearly knows about managing apartments and as a result has written a pure delight of a novel that takes in some of the more bizarre occurrences that an apartment manager may have to deal with, in a very amusing book. 

Cambria Clyne is of the breed of chick lit heroines that is the sort that jumps to conclusions very easily, doesn't necessarily weigh up whether her words or actions are the best and goes in feet first to situations. She comes across as a bit of a motor mouth, who is just trying her hardest to bring up her daughter Lilly. 

Cambria somehow is accepted for the Apartment Manager's job and within a short time of her moving in comes across all manner of criminal activity which is determined to get to the bottom of, with no thoughts to her own safety. She also discovers just how mad the residents of an apartment building can be, especially with regards the things they complain about. 

The residents in the building in addition like to gossip and exaggerate, so watch out for rumours of Cambria being involved in a threesome (trust me what lead to that rumour was nowhere near as exciting, but very funny!). 

For Rent is a fast paced, non stop, mile a minute sort of book, that offers so many giggle inducing  situations that you can't help but smile. I loved Cambria and her various convictions that she has jumped to the right conclusions, although she really does need to stop basing her decisions on what she has either read on google or watched on crime dramas!

I'll be very curious to see how this series progresses, and I'm sure this won't be the last we see of Cambria Clyne and her unique approach to apartment management. 

Thank you to Erin Huss for this review copy. This was my honest opinion.


  1. I thought it was so funny how Cambria always jumped to conclusions, though I cringed at pretty much every one! Also, before this book I'd never really read any cozy mysteries and now it's one of my favorite genres!

  2. If this book is a "cozy mystery" (I've always wondered what that means) then I LOVE IT! In fact I wanted Cambria Clyne to be my best friend (Einstein, too) and thought the whole book was funny and endearing. Can't wait to read the next in the author's series!

  3. Thank you for such a lovely review!


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