Friday, 9 September 2016

Guest Post - Top Tips for Climbing a Mountain by Kala Ramachandran

1. Training is vital and you need to commit yourself to the training plan if you want a want a successful and enjoyable climb -it can be running, climbing stairs, walking long distance with bag pack so that you can enjoy the climb without physical exhaustion and to respond and leave the mountain very quickly when disaster happens

2. Knowing what is the best climbing season for your chosen mountain, and to check out the weather forecast

3. Choose a reputable expedition company first who put climbers safety as a top priority rather than for their own personal gain, who advise their clients on everything they need to know and aware of the chosen mountain/trek

4. Knowing the team members because they will be spending time together during their climb and they are there for a common goal

5. Climbing skills such as setting up and dismantling tent on their own

Thank you Kala for sharing your tips for climbing a mountain with us.

'Living proof that a stammer need not hold you back'. Leys Geddes

Kala Ramachandran struggled with a stammer and it became so debilitating, she thought it would be with her her whole life. But then she embraced mountaineering. And finally found her voice. This is her story.

'It is a given we will have obstacles in life, some of us from the very beginning. Kala's story is one of perseverance; of overcoming; of hope. The world she grew up in didn't include Asian women who climbed mountains. Now it does thanks to Kala never letting go of her dream.' Warren Macdonald

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About the author:

Mountaineering enthusiast Kala Ramachandran spends her professional life working for the finance department for Brent Council. She has been a member of the British Mountaineering Council and the British Stammering Association for years the latter to whom she will be donating 20% of the royalties from all her book sales. Today she lives in Stanmore, London with her two sons. 

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