Sunday, 15 November 2015

Book Review - A Merry Mistletoe Wedding by Judy Astley

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Title:  A Merry Mistletoe Wedding
Author: Judy Astley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 22nd October 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

It is almost a year since Sean and Thea met and it's been a roller-coaster ride: they're getting married on Christmas Day!

Neither Thea or Sean want a big fuss - a simple wedding, with Christmas lights and just a few sprigs of mistletoe for decoration is all they need. But before they know it, things begin to get complicated. Trying to manage a long-distance relationship in the build-up to their Christmas wedding is one thing, but as one challenge after another comes their way, the happy couple begin to wonder if they'll ever make it down the aisle . . .

This is the follow up to It Must Have Been the Mistletoe which was released last Christmas. Unusually for me, all I had to to do was read a few reviews of the previous book , to remember enough of the story to go into this very happy. A Merry Mistletoe Wedding definitely works as a standalone, but having read the first book, I wanted a quick reminder first. 

I needn't have worried, as I was drawn straight into this story, and the writing and the characters are familiar to me again very fast. The writing is warm and cosy, and you feel like you are a part of this family. 

There are three main focuses to the book, Thea and Sean's Cornish Christmas wedding, and the plans for that, Anne and Mike's decision to downsize, and where they are going to move to (they are the grand parent generation, but Mike wouldn't be at all happy if I called him old!), and also there is the more serious story of Emily. 

Emily, has just given birth to their new baby, and after being out one day, the pram was mugged (without the baby), Emily becomes scared of everything, overprotective and also after an incident last Christmas, is refusing to go to Cornwall for, sister Thea's wedding. 

It's the character of Charlotte who intrigues me the most, as she isn't part of the family, was introduce in the first book, and has somehow become a family friend to all the members of the family. She is concerned for Emily's welfare, helps Thea with some of the wedding preparations, offers a friendly ear to everyone, and seems to go in and out of their houses without much on an invite. I can't help but want a book dedicated to her, just to get to know her better. 

I can't really explain it but A Merry Mistsletoe Wedding, was like putting on your favourite jumper, warm and cosy, and great to cuddle up with this Winter, to read about a family and their dynamics. 

By the end of the book I was getting very emotional at the whole situation, and I was loving every second of this book. It is one of those that will be a really enjoyable read, and is just some warm hearted and loving fiction. 

Thanks to Random House and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 


  1. Awww, what a lovely review! Sounds like the perfect Christmas read to snuggle up with. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :) xx

  2. Fab review Rachel I've just finished reading this today and loved it. I had also read It must have been the mistletoe and sometimes I don't remember the previous story but it all came flooding back after the gentle reminder in the first couple of chapters. Lx


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