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Book Review - Mistletoe & Mayhem by Catherine Ferguson - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #7

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Title: Mistletoe & Mayhem
Author: Catherine Ferguson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 15th October 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Lola Plumpton can’t believe her luck.

Christmas is coming and her gorgeous boyfriend, Nathan has offered up his swanky apartment to host the Plumpton family’s festive celebrations. It looks set to be a Christmas to remember. And it is – but for all the wrong reasons.

As the 25th December draws closer, Lola unexpectedly finds herself missing some key components:

1. A job (but who needs one of those anyway, when you’ve got the ultimate family Christmas to prepare for?)
2. Money (no job equals no money, it turns out.)
3. A boyfriend (yup, Nathan the hunk has said adios to Lola – and in the *most* embarrassing way possible…)
4. Somewhere to host her fabulous family Christmas (because of course, no Nathan means no des res apartment.)

Lola’s at a loss about what to do. But one way or another, she’s going to make this the happiest Christmas her family’s ever had…

This is a great book on two levels. On the top level, you have a light hearted Christmas story, about Lola Plumpton who offers to host her family for Christmas. She is planning on having them stay at boyfriend Nathan's house, as its bigger than hers, and it will be fantastic.

Until that is she manages to lose her job and boyfriend on the same day, and now has to do Christmas on a budget, in her shared apartment which is tiny, and she is stressing out a bit. 

And then there is the more serious second level, which is all about her family dynamics, and in particular her mother. Her mother suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia and won't go anywhere without her husband. She is particularly unstable around Christmas time, which is slowly explained, and makes some sense, There is also Lola's sister in law Justine who is highly strung and demanding, and in previous years appears to have been impossible please. 

Lola needs to work out how to have a memorable Christmas for all the family, while also trying to find work, and sorting out her feelings for the new upstairs neighbours Jasper and Seb.

At one point I wasn't entirely sure which man Lola had her eye on, but what I can say is both of them are a huge improvement on the boyfriend who dumped her. You will laugh at the various things he made her do, and also at the humiliating way she is broken up with. 

That is not all you will laugh at, there are plenty of giggling opportunities throughout Mistletoe and Mayhem, and not all of them at Lola's expense!

There is great pacing to this story and its a pleasure to read it. Once the family arrives for Christmas the book becomes incredibly compelling to read, as you just want to know what will happen next, as its not exactly smooth sailing. More a small selection of near disasters, and your typical family Christmas, but on a knife edge. 

Lola's mum is an interesting character due to the agoraphobia, as is her dad as main carer. It is dealt with sensitively, and once you understand what triggered it all, becomes very understandable. 

Mistletoe and Mayhem will leave you feeling festive, and in high spirits. It's a fabulous book for this time of year, and one which I have really enjoyed. 

Thank you everyone for voting for Mistletoe and Mayhem. It was tied with Christmas For One, but I have chosen this one purely because I love purple and the cover is so pretty. Also because I have read a few Amanda Prowse books already this year, including a Christmas one, and I haven't got around to reading Catherine Ferguson's summer release, which I really want to, so thought I would read the Christmas one as a priority! 

Please do take a look to see what books are up for this weeks vote. I love the support and comments I get each week for it, so thank you once again. 

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