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Book Review - Mishaps and Mistletoe by Tilly Tennant - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #8

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Title: Mishaps and Mistletoe
Author: Tilly Tennant
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publication Date: 29th October 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

This meltingly romantic short story from Tilly Tennant is the inspiration for her wonderful new series of novellas, Mishaps in Millrise, available to buy now 

Phoebe has had a terrible year, starting with the death of her boyfriend and ending, three weeks before Christmas, when she’s sacked from her job. The bills are piling up and she’s desperate enough to find herself working as a Christmas elf in the grotto of Hendrick’s Toy Store. As if the job description isn’t bad enough, Phoebe doesn’t like children. There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just not for her. Neither is there any escape from a boss whose only language is sarcasm, and an alcoholic Santa. 

Then one morning Maria comes into the grotto – a little girl unlike any she has met before. Phoebe doesn’t know it yet, but Maria and her dad are about to shake her life up in ways she could never have imagined… 

This is very short but incredibly sweet and I am in love with the little girl Maria already.

Phoebe is working in a Santa's grotto as an Elf, despite her no being keen on children, as she had been recently sacked and there was very little going in the way of seasonal work.  However after a day in the job, a little girl called Maria comes to visit Santa with her dad. 

Maria wants a toy pony for Christmas and then in a heat melting moment, asks Santa if she is allowed to ask for a present for a grown up too. So she asks for a girlfriend for her daddy.  Phoebe hears this and something stirs in her, but isn't quite sure what at this point. 

In a few short pages you really get a feel for Maria and her fathers characters and I found myself willing good things to happen to this child. And Phoebe who is tentative but with reason, has her life changed.

This is an adorable short story for Christmas, and has made me desperate to finish this review so I can start reading Mishaps in Millrise, which I believe is the continuation of this story...

Thank you everyone that voted for this book this week. I've loved reading it, and think you chose well. Take at look at my vote post this week, for your last chance to influence a book I will review on this blog, before Christmas. The feature will be back in the New Year I promise. 

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