Friday, 13 November 2015

The Unexpected Thrill of Book Blogging

I can't even begin to imagination the thrill an author must get when their finished book is published and available on book shop shelves. As a book blogger that has no inclination to write her own book, I have discovered what I can only describe as an equivalent thrill, even if its not on the same scale. 

And that is of being quoted on a real life paperback book...and on the cover too. And that is what has happened. Little old me, who has only been blogging since April, has a quote on the back cover of Nikki Moore's fantastic new paperback Picnics in Hyde Park.

So imagine my delight today, when I had some post from Harper Impulse, and the first thing that caught my eye was this lovely note from Samantha Gale. 

And also included in the parcel, was a copy of the book and this lovely little notebook.

And after all that screaming and cheering and being very, very happy, here is the quote!

... and the review it came from can be found here and can be purchased from Amazon UK

Obviously being quoted is not the point of being a book blogger, however as a side effect, its probably the best one going. 

Apologies for the pure self indulgence of this post, I just couldn't resist! 

Thank you so much to Harper Impulse for all the support they are giving Rachel's Random Reads, and I can assure you my copies of this book (since I did have to buy a copy myself (I'm not big headed, I promise!)) will take pride of place on my book shelf.


  1. Congratulations, that's wonderful. Enjoy your special book!

  2. Sums up how much authors appreciate your hard work, Rachel. Well done, sweetie. :) xx


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