Thursday, 12 November 2015

Guest Post - Katey Lovell talking about The Boy at the Bakery

I don’t think I’m alone here, but I really like cake. 

Not just pretty, delicate cupcakes or generous slices of carrot cakes laden with frosting.  I like nutmeg sprinkled custard tarts and Belgian buns topped with wonky cherries.  I like chocolate gateau that sticks to my fingers and flapjack that gets caught between my teeth.  I like biscuits too, especially those squidgy cookies which seem to bend forever before breaking in half.

But my absolute favourite cake has always been the Chelsea bun.  I love how it looks, the coiled swirl wrapped tightly like a snail shell, but it’s the flavour that gets me every time.  The sweet sugar grains dancing on my tongue, the sharp hit of the raisins and the unmistakable cinnamon kick.  And of course, the outside of the wheel is golden, yet the centre remains deliciously soft, almost gooey.  

Lily, the protagonist in The Boy at the Bakery, loves the rich creamy taste of a vanilla slice.  And I can see why.

But for me, the Chelsea bun wins hands down, every single time.

The Boy at the Bakery is the latest release in Katey Lovell’s Meet Cute series.  Available to buy now in ebook format, published by Harper Impulse.

About the Author
Katey Lovell is fanatical about words. An avid reader, writer and poet, she once auditioned for Countdown and still tapes the show every night. Getting the conundrum before the contestants is her ultimate thrill.

She loves love and strives to write feel-good romance that'll make you laugh and cry in equal measure. 

Originally from South Wales, Katey now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and their seven year old son.
Find Katey on twitter, @katey5678 or Facebook

Thanks so much to Katey for taking the time out to... well make me very hungry to be honest! I have a feeling I may not be able to resist taking a look at The Boy at the Bakery myself. 

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