Monday, 16 November 2015

Guest Post - Debbie Johnson talking about Christmas Jumpers - Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be kicking off the blog tour today for Never Kiss A Man In A Christmas Jumper, and based on the title of the book, there was only one thing I could consider asking Debbie to talk about, and that's Christmas Jumpers, and I think you have to agree she has delivered well. Thank you so much Debbie.

Like many women, my fondest memory of the Christmas jumper is accompanied by that first glimpse of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Poor, silly Bridget is immediately put off by the sight of a wooly reindeer – even if it was being sported by Colin Firth at the height of his hunkiness.

Maggie, the heroine of my book Never Kiss A Man In A Christmas Jumper, initially feels the same when she meets Marco Cavelli on the snowy streets of Oxford. But like Bridget, she soon discovers that a fashion faux pas means nothing at all – and to be honest, Marco is the kind of man you’d forgive for anything. He’s not just tall, dark and handsome – he has a killer sense of humour, he’s kind and thoughtful, he’s open and honest and caring, and still manages to be totally, 100% alpha male. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.

Marco, it turns out, only wears the hideous jumpers because his sister-in-law (Leah, who some of you may remember from last year’s Cold Feet at Christmas) and his toddler nephew love them.

But these days, he wouldn’t really need an excuse. Since Bridget Jones, the Christmas jumper has had a spectacular rebirth – rising like a sweater-wearing phoenix from the ashes of fashion death. Over the last few years, they’ve become hugely popular again – and have been seen gracing celebs from Matt Damon to Justin Bieber to Cheryl Cole. Even top designer labels have come up with their own versions. I’m especially fond of the Star Wars ones, as a die-hard Han Solo fan.

Christmas jumpers are simply everywhere these days – as we found out when we went shopping recently. My husband, Dominic, kindly ‘volunteered’ to model some of our favourite finds – using posing skills he stole from the movie Zoolander – just for you lucky people at Rachel’s Random Reads! There’s even one of him next to an enormous David Gandy as a special festive treat. 

I hope these give you a giggle, and for those of you who are reading Never Kiss A Man In A Christmas Jumper – enjoy! I hope you all have a great Christmas – with or without the jumpers!


I hope you enjoy the above slideshow of the pics Debbie took. It's the first time I've tried to display images like this, and really, really hope it works, and that everyone can view them.  Was the best way I could think of to display the jumpers, and Debbie's husband in all their glory!

About Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson lives and works in Liverpool, where she divides her time between writing, caring for a small tribe of children and animals, and not doing the housework. She writes romance, fantasy and crime - which is as confusing as it sounds! Her first humorous contemporary romance, Cold Feet At Christmas, a seasonal tale of snow-bound fun, was released by HarperImpulse last year, and became an Amazon top ten best-seller. You can also find her supernatural crime thriller, Fear No Evil, featuring Liverpool PI Jayne McCartney, on Amazon, published by Maze/Avon Books. Debbie also writes urban fantasy, set in modern day Liverpool. Dark Vision and the follow-up Dark Touch are published by Del Rey UK. Debbie blogs at She lives with her family in Merseyside and is available to write features.

So which is your favourite Christmas jumper? Do you enjoy a man in a Christmas jumper, or does it fill you with dread? Let me know as I'll be interested to hear!


  1. Love the slide show .. I would choose between the 'rockin around the tree' or the cute polar bear! Jumpers are fine for one day of the year lol to have a bit of fun .. all credit to Dominic he is a star!

  2. Your husband is brilliant - talk about supportive - love knows no bounds! Angela Britnell


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