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Bitesized Taster from Errors of Evaluation by Paola Pica - Blog Tour

From the 1st chapter, the very beginning: Marco, the “Shrink”, opens the book speaking about Elena, Francesca’s cousin, and makes it clear that he hates her, because of some very important reason.

I loathed her practically from the first moment I laid eyes on her. Because I am a weaver of spells and she would never have been trapped in my web. I felt that; I knew it to be true.

I was trying to create some expectation about my characters in the reader:  a realistic one (realistic, regarding the plot) about Marco, who openly defines himself as a “weaver of spells”, that is, as having a treacherous personality; and an opposite expectation about Elena who, being his enemy, must have positive qualities. Both characters should be intriguing the Reader at the same time, since the beginning.

Thank you Paola for this brief insight into Errors of Evaluation. 

Title: Errors of Evaluation
Author: Paola Pica
Price: Paperback £6.99 and Ebook £2.99
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing 
Published: 26th July
Pages: 104
ISBN-10: 1911110322
ISBN-13: 978-1911110323

Francesca's presence pervades the lives of everyone she meets. From the therapist - an ambiguous and even more unscrupulous person than herself - to the husband who, after twenty years of marriage, is left financially ruined and suicidal; and her own cousin, who despite tirelessly attempting to help her in a time of need, has been left betrayed on two separate occasions a decade apart. Three very different characters tell their story about the inscrutable woman who has entered their lives, each one offering their own point of view on who the beautiful Francesca really is. Each has made an error of evaluation which they now realise has prejudiced their lives and their relationships. An omniscient narrator will have the final say. 

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