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Book Review - The Little Antique Shop Under The Eiffel Tower by Rebecca Raisin

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Title: The Little Antique Shop Under The Eiffel Tower (The Little Paris Collection, Book 2)
Author: Rebecca Raisin
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 30th June 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Escape to Paris this summer and prepare to be swept off your feet…
Anouk LaRue used to be a romantic, but since she had her heart well and truly broken her love life has dissolved into nothing more than daydreams of the perfect man. Retreating to her extraordinary Little Antique Shop has always been a way to escape, because who could feel alone in a shop bursting with memories and beautiful objects…

Until Tristan Black bursts into an auction and throws her ordered world into a spin.

Following your heart is a little like getting lost in Paris – sometimes confusing and always exciting! Except learning to trust her instincts is not something Anouk is ready to do when it comes to romance, but the city of love has other ideas…

What a wonderful story, its French, it has a kooky shop owner, it's got some bad guys, a fabulous mystery at the heart of the story, and some eccentrics too. What more could you want from a new romantic comedy..ah yes it has romance, a sexy man, some brilliantly light hearted sections and generally is a whole lot of fun too. 

Have I interested you at all in The Little Shop Under The Eiffel Tower yet? 

Within the first few pages I knew I was going to be lost for the evening, between the pages of my kindle, as I just wanted to keep knowing what was going to happen next. It starts relatively sedately in Anouk's antique shop. Those that read the first book in The Little Paris Collection will remember Anouk and her shop, as she has a reputation for not allowing just anyone to buy from her. 

She is rather unique in that the first few times you go to her shop you have to be accompanied by someone who recommends you as a trusted customer, and it may take a while for Annouk to allow you to come at your leisure alone. This is after she has sensed if a customer is truly interested in antiques, and not just the objects but the history and story surrounding the object. She doesn't just deal in high value antiques, but anything that is of interest to collectors of just about everything. 

I loved hearing her tell some of the items stories to her customers, and hearing all about the objects that she is also hoping to purchase. However the one part of Annouk's life which isn't going as well, is her love life. She recently was betrayed a con man boyfriend, and she is still trying to recover her trust in men. 

Especially sexy, gorgeous American men that appear from nowhere but that seems to have a healthy interest in Annouk. 

I loved Annouk's family dynamic with her sister who is unlike her as possible, her father who is archaic in his views towards women, and her mother who comes into her own during the story. 

There is a huge mystery at the heart of this book, which Annouk and her friends become involved in. I think this book could almost pass for a mystery, as I was so gripped by trying to work out who the thief really was, and I kept second guessing my own opinion, and although not shocked towards the end, I would say surprised. 

This is the second book in a mini series, but can easily be read as a standalone. There is just a couple of characters crossover, but at the same time we also had an introduction to who I believe may be the lead character, or at least very much key in the third book of the Little Paris Collection. 

I could wax lyrical about my enjoyment of this book for a lot longer, but instead would recommend you just buy it and read it for yourself. If you have read anything by Rebecca Raisin before I know you will love this, and if you haven't, this is a great book to be your introduction to a wonderful author, of chick lit. 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Carina for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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