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Guest Post - Better in the Morning may be fiction but the concept is real by Fern Ronay

I describe Better in the Morning as Sex and the City meets Ghost.  It is the story of a single 29-year-old Manhattan lawyer who is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents.

Yes, it’s fiction. 

But, if you believe that your loved ones who have passed are still with you, and use their energy to send you signs, you are not alone.

You are actually in the company of the following fine people:

Emma Stone In Better in the Morning, Veronica’s grandparents Sal and Ant send her pennies, or more accurately, use their energy to make sure pennies end up in Veronica’s path. That’s their sign. Coins are actually a quite popular sign from the other side. Emma Stone’s grandfather sends quarters.  
As she told David Letterman, "There's a long family history with quarters. My grandfather leaves quarters. And it's just amazing. It's him! It's absolutely him. It's such a long story that you'd have to go to commercial five times and roll to a clip and then come back and I'd still be telling the story. But it's him.”

Paul McCartney –Veronica often wakes up with a fresh perspective after a visit with her grandparents.  There’s a reason things always seem better in the morning.  Just ask Sir Paul.

As he told the Salt Lake Tribune, “I had a dream where my mother, who had been dead at that point for about 10 years, came to me in the dream and it was as if she could see that I was troubled. And she sort of said to me, she said, 'Let it be.' And I remember quite clearly her saying, 'Let it be,' and 'It's going to be OK. Don't worry.' You know, 'Let it be.' I woke up thought, 'Well, that's a great idea.' And I then sat down and wrote the song using the feeling from that dream and of my mum coming to me in the dream.” As the article points out “The song begins, ‘When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.’ Mary was McCartney's mother's name.”

Deepak Chopra – Veronica’s grandparents point out a funny coincidence but it’s not funny, necessarily, and it’s not a coincidence.  In these visits, as in our conscious every day lives, coincidences are another way spirit, or the universe or God or whatever you want to call it, speak to us. When it happens, like seeing a penny on your path or a quarter in an unusual place or remembering a dream, stop and take note, even if it’s just to say “hi.” As Deepak Chopra said, “Coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe which can guide us toward our true destiny.”

Do you believe your loved ones who have passed to the other side are still with you? How do they speak to you? Feel free to comment below. 

And thank you so much to Rachel for this opportunity to provide a guest post!

Sweet dreams and signs,

Fern Ronay

Thank you so much Fern for that interesting insight, I'm sure some people find these sorts of thoughts a great comfort.

Better in the Morning

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Veronica Buccino has a plan: marry John DelMonico and quit her soul-sucking job as a lawyer. And when he tells her he has big news, she’s certain he’ll pop the question. But instead of proposing, John informs her that he’s moving to London. Heartbroken, Veronica feels lost. Salvatore and Antoinette, her dead grandparents, begin to visit her dreams in an attempt to steer her in the right direction. At their suggestion, Veronica takes a news reporting class, which leads to a challenging freelance assignment covering a conspiracy trial. She also begins dating an unlikely suitor: creative Syd Blackman. Just when her love life and career are looking up, Veronica is tossed back to square one by an event that makes her question all her new choices.

About Fern Ronay

Fern Ronay is a lawyer who has lived in Manhattan, Chicago and now sunny Los Angeles with her husband, but she will always consider herself a Jersey girl. She is working on her next novel.

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