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Book Review - Dead Secret by Noelle Holten - Blog Tour

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Title: Dead Secret
Author: Noelle Holten
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: One More Chapter
Publication Date: 23rd April 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Psychopaths can take root in the unlikeliest soil…
DC Maggie Jamieson crosses paths once again with Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood when a domestic violence survivor stumbles into her new refuge, unable to speak, desperate for help.

Then another case hits Maggie’s desk. A young man has been murdered, and a curious constellation of black dots has been inked onto his cheek.

That’s when DCI Hastings goes missing and Maggie uncovers a shocking connection that turns the case on its head.

Every family may hide secrets, but not every family buries them…

When's the next book out in this series? I need it faster than it can be written. That last chapter I did not see coming and I can't believe I have to wait an unknown amount of time, just so that this incredibly talented author has time to write the next book!!  I'd love to implant myself in her brain just to see what on earth she was thinking. 

And to see just how on earth she came up with the plot of Dead Secret - omg that was insane.  It started sedately, with a murder that just seemed slightly mundane to be honest, up until certain information was uncovered and a possible unexpected connection was made. 

From which point I couldn't get enough of the book, and just had to keep reading at any given moment I could spare,  and I was racing through the pages.   About half way through,  I had a weird inkling about one aspect of the story and well I'm going to be happy, because for once I guess one small snippet correctly. 

And even then I was guessing other things so wildly wrongly, that I knew it was a very rare instance! 

But even guessing that snippet, and I wasn't entirely sure my thought was correct, I had to see how it played out and I had no clue about what the possible motivation was, or just what lengths this mastermind of a villain has gone to. 

I am absolutely loving this series so much, from Maggie's continual exchange with journalist Julie who she seems to enjoy verbally sparring with,  to the work Lucy is doing at her refuge.  And all the various departments of the police that are used (although so many acronyms I keep forgetting what they actually stand for!), and various interactions with Maggie's team. 

There are various changes in the team personnel and dynamics with this book, which helps to give a fresh perspective on many members of the team. 

This may be the fourth book in this incredibly amazing series, but it can easily be read as a standalone, at least in terms of the case being investigated. 

This is such a cleverly plotted novel, an a superb addition to the Maggie Jamieson series.  But please please please, don't make us wait too long for the next one! 

Thank you to One More Chapter and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily,

Please do follow along with the rest of the tour. 

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