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Book Review - Boyfriend By Christmas by Jenny Stallard

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Title: Boyfriend By Christmas
Author: Jenny Stallard
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Publication Date: 19th November 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Boyfriend by Christmas is a hilarious and romantic novel about bad dates, eternal optimism and what it's really like to be alone at the most wonderful time of the year.
It's bad enough to be perpetually single, without also being the dating journalist for a major lifestyle website. And Genie Havisham has just been set her toughest deadline yet: find a boyfriend by Christmas or find a new job.
Determined not to end the year alone and jobless, Genie sets out to find where all the eligible bachelors in London have been hiding, using whatever means possible. 
But among the terrible dates, one night stands and the unexpected return of her 'supposedly reformed' ex-boyfriend, could Genie have overlooked what's been right under her nose all along?
A fun and flirty debut from Jenny Stallard about one woman's race to find a man in time for Christmas.

I loved Boyfriend by Christmas, its exactly what a single girl needs to read in the run up to Christmas. Not only are there many, many examples of various zany dating events, and events for singles, but there is a nightmare boss, some great friends, many men, and the book starts and ends at Christmas. 

I have to love a book that starts with Christmas in July, highlighting that if you are a journalist then you start getting Christmas products sent as early as July for the Christmas features that you tend to see everywhere. And for Genie Havisham that is no exception. It was while she was buzzing about one of these press events, that her boss Tabbitha decides that Genie needs a new challenge. 

For Genie is a dating columnist, for a lifestyle website, as well as writing other features, but she has been single for years, with her running in the opposite direction from the first hint of dating. Tabbitha challenges Genie to get a Boyfriend by Christmas, and to blog about it. She has to accept every dating offer that comes her way throughout the challenge  Tabbitha also makes it clear that if Genie fails, Genie's job will be in danger. 

There is just one small problem, Genie has had a previously bad experience with an ex (which is slowly revealed) and is petrified of giving her heart to another man, but since she has no real choice, she gives the challenge her best shot to hilarious consequences. 

I really enjoyed all of Genie's various blog entries, which are written in a slightly different style to  the rest of the narrative, but really give a full insight into the journey she is undertaking in just 5 months, and allows you to see as well how she makes fun of some of the events she goes to, and some of the men she meets. 

We discover that Genie has set thoughts on certain aspects of a man, and of internet dating, but yet she can't help herself from going back for more. 

There is such humour in the book, and seeing Genie flee from one date, after a public declaration of like had been made, to get on an expensive train home, was one of my highlights, and indicators that Genie may not be fully loving this Boyfriend by Christmas task, as it goes against everything she lives her life by.

However she does give it her all, along with her colleagues to support her, Willow, Rio and ITBoy, and its a rollercoaster few months as she tries to succeed. 

Occasionally I couldn't help but think that Genie was coming over as shallow and the situation that led to her being emotionally crippled, isn't to be honest that shocking, although I do understand and can empathise completely. 

If you enjoy books that have lots of various dates, not huge amounts of sex, and some romance, and love books with a great sense of humour, then Boyfriend For Christmas is definitely worth reading. 

Thank you so much to Michael Joseph and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion.

Happy Publication day to Jenny Stallard. Boyfriend by Christmas is out today!


  1. Sounds fun, I like the idea of being sent items in July ready to write articles about.


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