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Book Review - What Happens at Christmas... by T.A. Williams - #CarinaChristmas

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Title: What Happens at Christmas...
Author: T.A. Williams
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 22nd October 2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars

For the perfect Christmas…

When career-girl Holly Brice learns that her estranged father has died, she decides to take a trip down memory lane and find out about the man she never knew.

Arriving in the sleepy little Dartmoor village, she’s shocked to discover that she’s inherited the cosy little cottage she remembers so fondly, a whole load of money – and her father’s adorable dog, too!

Head to snow-covered Devon!

And as the first snowflakes begin to fall and Holly bumps into her gorgeous neighbour, Jack Nelson, life gets even more complicated! Men have always been off the cards for high-flying Holly, but there’s something about mysterious writer Jack that has her re-thinking her three-date rule…

I loved What Happens at Christmas.. based on the cover, you may think its just going to be a shallow Christmas story, but I can assure you, it has a good amount of depth, and a fabulous story. 

Holly Brice has been estranged from her father for over 20 years, so is shocked to hear she has inherited a little cottage in a Dartmoor village, that she only vaguely remembers from childhood. 

When she gets to Dartmoor she discovers its not just a cottage, but also a very healthy trust fund, and Stirling, a 1 year old dog, that has been very well trained. 

Needless to say it was Stirling that to me was the star of the story, especially once he and Holly have bonded. Holly really appreciates the one living link to her father. I will admit to having a soft spot for dogs in books, and when I read this, I had been to a dog show that day, so clearly had gorgeous dogs on the brain, but Stirling is fabulous, and would possibly be a lot of people's idea of a dream dog. 

As Holly prepares for Christmas in the cottage, she meets 3 men who all end up meaning different things to her, and also discovers loads about her father. 

I found the dealing with Holly's emotions regarding learning all about her father, the reasons for the estrangement and just what it was he was doing to produce such a healthy inheritance, to be very realistic and there are some very touching moments. 

The three men who have an impact on Holly are Justin, who also loves classic cars, and has a couple of dates with Holly. Jack, who is her sexy next door neighbour, and friend to her father, as well as to Stirling, and Howard the older gentleman with a surprising past. 

The rest of the villagers really make Holly feel at home too, and its not long before she is thinking seriously about her future and what to do with the cottage and Stirling. 

There is a lot of snow in this book, as well as Christmas feeling, and the whole books with great pacing is set on the 11 days in the run up to the day itself. And there is a lot packed into each day, which makes this a cosy and easy festive story to read. 

What Happens at Christmas is a lovely festive story, and draws in my loves of the south coast of England, snow, dogs, men and Christmas in a delightful tale. 

Thanks to Carina and Netgalley for this review copy. This is my honest opinion. 

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